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Season 3

Episode 41

(Whose son(1)

That evening Cherry lay in bed next to Jackson, she stared at the ceiling contemplating whether or not she should tell Jackson about what happened in the parking lot earlier in the day.    

Jackson rolled over, and gazing at Cherry with concern asked her, "Babe, what's up? What's on your mind?"    

Cherry's heart skipped a beat, "Nothing serious." she responded hastily.    

"Well, what're you thinking about?" 

Jackson asked her. He was frustrated anytime Cherry was troubled about something if he didn't know what it was. He never wanted her to frown or feel unhappy at all.  

Cherry decided to keep her thoughts about what happened to herself and instead told him, "I'm wondering if grandpa is upset and going to blame me for taking Joe away when I bring him out there tomorrow."    

Jackson hadn't realized Cherry might be worried about grandpa's possible objection, "You're ridiculous. I promise grandpa will be pleased to see you and Joe."    

"Alright, if you say so." Cherry told him as she pressed her body against his, "Honey, I'm tired. Let's sleep."  

"Ok, " Jackson agreed as he turned the bedside table lamp off and then rolled to hold Cherry in his arms.    

Jackson and Cherry were startled awake the next morning by the noise their son made.    

Joe bounced happily into their bedroom, and seeing them sleeping; he stood at the door shouting, "Daddy, Mommy, it's time to get up. We're going to the military residential compound today!"    

Hearing Joe Cherry stirred and nudged her husband. Jackson opened his tired eyes and looked at the clock on the wall. It was just past seven, and there was Joe, up and excited to go visit his grandpa.

  "Joe, it's too early, don't disturb us when we are asleep. Go back to your room and sleep. We will get up at eight." Jackson was intent on getting some more sleep with Cherry laying beside him.    

Instead of obeying, an over-excited Joe kicked his shoes off and jumped on the bed. Standing in the middle of the large bed, he looked down at his sleepy parents and put his hands on his hips, "Jackson, Cherry, I order you to get up now. 

We're going to the military's residential compound." Joe exclaimed, barking out orders as though they were his soldiers.

  "Joe, stop being naughty and go back to your room." Cherry sleepily told him. 'Joe's just annoying. Why won't he let his mommy have a good rest on Saturday morning?' Cherry thought helplessly.    

"No! I miss my friends and grandpa. Now you get up." Joe argued, shooting them a pouting, reproachful look.    

"Joe, behave and let your mother sleep a bit longer. We can visit your great-grandpa later, " Jackson's voice was stern but gentle. Jackson wanted nothing more than to cuddle close to the woman he loved and relax for a little while longer. 

 "No!" Joe yelled, losing his temper. 

He bent over his mother, softly stroking her cheeks, and in his cute, lovingly manner pleaded, "Mommy, I love you. Get up, so I can go play with my little friends. Can we go early?  Please?"    

Cherry knew from Joe's pleading voice that he wasn't going to let her sleep any longer, "Alright, alright! Fine, get out of my room so I can get up and dressed." Cherry conceded.    

"Really? Okay, I'm gonna wait for you downstairs. You two have ten minutes to get ready!" Joe ordered as he climbed off the bed and left.    
Cherry pushed Jackson away as she got up, scratched her head and sleepily headed to the bathroom.  

Jackson knew he was lucky and felt satisfied watching his beloved wife as she got ready. He loved Cherry and their son and would do anything to protect his happy family.    

Jackson and Cherry went downstairs and found Joe sitting at the table, eating breakfast.    

When he saw his parents come into the dining room, Joe shouted, "Mommy, Daddy, hurry up! We can go when you finish breakfast."    

"Why aren't you ever this motivated or excited for school in the morning? Is playing with your friends at the military residential compound that much better than being at school, studying with your classmates?" Cherry questioned Joe as she entered the dinning room.  

"Visiting great-grandpa and playing with my little friends is better." Joe informed his mother, in a childish voice.    

Jackson didn't say anything, he just smiled.    

When they finished breakfast, they all piled into the car and Jackson drove them to the military residential compound.    

Jackson parked outside the gate. As soon as Joe got out, he saw his Great-grandpa standing there, waiting for them.    

"Great-grandpa!" Joe shouted, running to him.  

Seeing the three of them, made Andrew extremely happy. He stretched his arms to capture Joe in his embrace, "Kid, you are finally here to visit." he said excitedly.    

The butler was standing nearby and smiled seeing his master happily holding his great-grandson in his arms.    

Jackson and Cherry walked over to Andrew and greeted him politely.    

"Grandpa." Jackson said.    

"Grandpa, we're back." Cherry announced with a big smile.    

"It's good. I wanted to call and ask when you're going to come visit. 

Recently, I have dreamed about Joe staying with me." Andrew told them cheerfully. His good mood now that he had his family was evident. 

 "Great-grandpa, is that true? You dreamed about me?" Joe asked, his surprise could be heard in his voice and seen on his face.    

"Yes, it's true. I think about you all the time! You didn't know that?" Andrew smiled, as he looked down at his great-grandson nestled in his arms.    

"I miss you too. I would have come sooner. I wanted to come earlier in the morning. But Daddy and Mommy wouldn't get up, and would have slept longer if I hadn't woken them." Joe confided in a cute childish manner.  



  1. Wow!!! But Cherry it would have been better if you tell your husband about that accident. This joe will not kill someone. Thank you my writer

  2. Cherry please tell Jackson your experience


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