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Season 3

Episode 39

(Signing a contract (2)

Selina nodded, thinking that it was nothing wrong to meet a client that had already been their partner for a long time. Since he asked Cherry, then Cherry should go. It was just about regular work affairs, and there was nothing to worry about.    

After lunch, Cherry went back to her office to handle some department affairs. She then took the contract with her and went to the place where Selina told her to meet the man named Shawn.    

While she was standing in front of a building, Cherry looked at its name and saw that it was exactly the place that she was looking for. She then drove her car to the underground parking, parked it, and then got out of it.  

She was wearing a pair of 10 cm high heels, and had a handbag on her shoulder and a file pocket in her hand. She walked towards the exit and everything seemed to be fine.    

Suddenly, a car appeared behind her. Cherry thought that it was a car leaving the parking lot, and she walked closer to the wall to leave space for it to pass.    

The moment Cherry approached the wall, the car suddenly accelerated. 

The engine's revving sound reached Cherry's ears, as the car rammed towards her.  

Cherry turned her head and was blinded by the harsh light that shot directly into her eyes. It was now obvious that the car was rushing towards her, but she couldn't see clearly who the driver was and neither the car because of its headlights.    

Cheery was so frightened that she froze on the spot with her hands covering her eyes and face. When the car light got closer and closer to her, she couldn't help but cry out loudly, " Ah!"    

But just when Cherry thought that the car was about to bump straight into her, it took a sudden turn and brushed past her with high speed.  

The car's sound soon disappeared, but Cherry was still paralyzed with fright, with her hands still wrapped on her face. Her handbag and file pocket were already scattered on the ground.    

It took a while for Cherry to be able to put down her hands from her face. She felt so weakened by the sudden scare that she leaned against the wall and then fell down on the ground. Her mind was blank, and she could barely even remember what had happened earlier.    

Mond drove the car at high speed, and didn't stop until he arrived on a remote road in the suburbs. He was sitting on the driver seat heavily panting, because he also hadn't recovered from what had just happened.  

His mind was also a mess, and he was very confused. He asked himself, 'Why couldn't I hit her? Why did I change my mind when I was so close hitting her? Why did I steer away? She's Jackson's woman, and she deserves it! Why did I let her go? Why!'    

Mond kept asking himself but still couldn't figure it out. He didn't know why he had suddenly changed his mind.    

'Perhaps the woman is meant to be alive?'  

His eyes were full of rage and hatred, and he firmly repeated in his heart that the answer was no. The woman had to die, like Andrew and Jackson. They all had to die!    

Cherry tried to calm herself. She slowly stood up from the ground, fixed her clothes on her, and after she picked up her handbag and file pocket from the ground, she cautiously walked out of the parking lot. She told herself that she had to be strong, and that she still had to finish her work today!    

After she finished her meeting two hours later, Cherry drove her car out of the parking lot. She had no idea how she had managed to talk about business or even how she walked out of the building. All that she could remember was that Shawn Shao had signed the contract satisfied.  

Cherry drove the car slowly with her mind empty. For some time, she drove aimlessly, without any destination in mind, but after that she eventually managed to arrive back at the JS Group.    

After she got out of her car, Cherry walked into the JS building and went straight into Selina's office.    

She handed over the file to Selina, and said, "The contract is secure. You can have a look at it."    

Selina didn't notice how Cherry looked, and took the contract from her hand to check it. After she confirmed that there was nothing wrong about the contract, she smiled, and said to Cherry, "Well done, Cherry! This is wonderful!"  

Cherry forced a smile, and said, "I'm happy too."    

Selina then noticed that Cherry didn't look so good. Looking at her pale face, Selina quickly asked her, "Cherry, what happened? Are you feeling sick?"    

Cherry touched her own forehead, and said, "Selina, can I call it quits for the day? I want to go home and rest."    

"Sure, go home and rest if you're not feeling so well!" said Selina. She then walked beside Cherry, and after she grabbed her arm, she asked concerned, "Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"  

Cherry waved her hand, and said, "There's no need for that! Maybe it's because I didn't sleep too well last night; I'm sure I'll be fine after a good rest!"    

Cherry didn't tell Selina about what had happened to her in the parking lot, because she also didn't know too much about it herself. The scene was so terrible that she even didn't want to recall it! That drive had obviously intended to hit her, and almost did.    

"Well, go back home and rest. Don't forget to call me if anything happens, okay?" said Selina. She was very concerned about Cherry's wellbeing.  

Okay, I'm leaving now, " said Cherry.

After she left Selina's office, Cherry went downstairs and walked out of the JS Group.




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