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Season 3

Episode 35

(I want to see my little buddies)

The smile slowly faded from Cherry's face at what Jackson said. She looked up at him questioning, "Why do you want us to go visit Grandpa all of a sudden?"    

"I just can't put my mind at ease. 

You know we left him there and haven't been back to see him in such a long time. It would make me feel better to go visit and make sure he is okay." Jackson's tone was gentle, he loved Cherry with all his heart and only wanted to treat her with tenderness.    

Cherry agreed, she believed Grandpa Andrew missed Jackson a lot living in the big house alone. The butler may have been with him for many years, but, he was just an old friend to him, not a family member. 

Furthermore, when they visited him last time, Cherry could tell that Grandpa Andrew loved Joe dearly, so he must hope to see Joe too.  

"Jackson, I think we should visit Grandpa Andrew too. How about going back this weekend?" Cherry asked, gazing at Jackson.    

Jackson nodded his head, happily. 

Now that Cherry worked, and Joe had to go to school they could only visit their Grandpa on weekends.    

At that moment, Lily approached them and announced, "Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, dinner is ready."  

Cherry turned head, nodding to her in acknowledgement, "Alright, thank you. Please, go upstairs and ask Joe to join us."    

"Okay, " answered Lily.    

When Joe came down from upstairs, he saw his parents were in the dining room, already eating their meal. He rushed in with a smile asking, "Mommy, why don't you wait to have dinner with me?"    

"We haven't started eating at all, we are waiting for you." Cherry said smiling at Joe. Her love and tenderness reflected in her eyes.    

"I just thought, how could you two begin dinner without your lovely son?" Joe stated more than asked in a flat tone as he took a pair of chopsticks to eat with, regardless of what his parents thought and what their expression turned to be.

  Cherry gave Jackson a questioning look, but all he could do was slowly shake his head, shrugging helplessly.    

"Joe? When did you become so narcissistic?" Cherry questioned her son. Her voice had the serious chiding motherly tone.    

"Is it narcissism? I just stated a truth." He turned to look at his Daddy asking, "Daddy, tell me, do you think I'm a lovely boy?"    

Jackson threw a look to Cherry, afraid she would be mad if he agreed with Joe. He looked at Joe after, who was his cute little son and was smiling admiringly up at Jackson, looking forward to his answer. Then he realized that he was not hardhearted enough to disagree with him.  

"Yes, yes you are."Jackson concurred.    

Joe shifted his attention to his Mommy, with a proud look on his face. "See Mommy, you hear that? Daddy agreed with me."    

Cherry glared at Jackson with a burning, reproachful look in her eyes. She couldn't believe he took Joe's side.    

Jackson immediately got up and went to sit next to Cherry, putting his arm around her shoulder and softly said, "Please, don't be angry, look at this little guy! How can he be blamed? He inherited our great genes."  

Cherry stared at Jackson, keeping a serious look on her face, "Jackson, if you give him more praise, he will be in seventh heaven."    

"Cherry, If I go there, I will take you to there too!" Joe said, using Cherry's name.    

"I won't go with you, " Cherry responded scornfully. Her naughty son always went against her.    

Seeing Cherry angry, Jackson immediately said to his son calmly, "Joe, you should listen to your Mommy's words."  

"Alright, " Joe stopped playing his trick on his Mommy when he heard his Daddy's word. He looked at his Mommy and said earnestly, "Mommy, I'm sorry. I was just joking."    

Cherry didn't respond to him and resumed eating her dinner.    

Jackson was worried that Cherry was still angry, so he tried to soothe her, "Come on honey, please don't be angry."    

Cherry fixed her eyes on Jackson. It was enough when Jackson made trouble for her, now Joe seemed to start doing the same thing as his father did.  

Noticing that there was still no smile on Cherry's face, Jackson suddenly leaned over her kissing her soft, warm lips he forgot himself for a moment and devoured her mouth, tasting the salty-sweetness as he greedily claimed more.    

Joe covered his eyes with his hands when his Daddy bent over kissing his Mommy and started shouting, "Not for children, not for children."    

Hearing Joe's voice, brought Cherry to her senses, she pushed Jackson away, looked at him and said indignantly, "What do you think you are doing? Joe is standing right here!"  

"So what? Your behavior in front of him must be more intimate than this." Jackson sneered at Cherry.    

"You, " Cherry was too infuriated and in a haze from his kiss to finish her thoughts. She couldn't believe Jackson would make a wild accusation like that.    

However, Joe, sitting in front of them, suddenly opened his eyes wider and staring at his Mommy, "It must be true, Mommy, after all, you did roll around in the bed with me. Compared with that, a kiss is nothing."    

"Uh-umm, Joe, you, " Cherry sputtered, looking back to her son in disbelief, wondering if he would ever give a moment's peace.  

"Roll around in the bed?" Jackson had a dark look on his face as he stared at Cherry, "Cherry, how could you roll around in the bed with any other man while we were apart over the past five years?"    

"Jackson, how could you make such statements and encourage Joe?" Cherry was being driven mad by the two of them.    

However, what Joe said next left her speechless.    

"Mommy, I allowed Daddy to borrow you, so he can roll around in the bed with you in the future." Joe stated, his eyes on his Mommy the entire time. Then he turned to his daddy, and said, "Daddy, you must take good care of Mommy for me. If you don't, I will take my Mommy back." 

 Jackson pulled Cherry into his arms at that telling Joe, "Your mommy was always mine. I will never give you a chance to take her away."    

"Jackson, why are you competing with your son?" Cherry asked angrily. Then she looked across to Joe and changing the subject told him, "Joe. we are going to visit your Grandpa this weekend."    

"Going to see Grandpa?" Joe was surprised. He stared at his Mommy asking, "Will that woman be going there as well?"    

Cherry knew who Joe was talking about. Though it was the first time her little son met Lucia, Joe could still remember Lucia  since what she did was so impressive.  

Cherry decided to let Jackson field this question, "Ask your Daddy." She said before lowering her head to resume eating her dinner again.    

Joe turned his attention to his Daddy, staring expectantly at Jackson, because, he really wanted an answer to his question.    

Jackson scowled, "She will never come near us."    

From his daddy's expression, Joe knew his Daddy must have put that woman in her place, otherwise, he wouldn't make such a promise.  

Joe felt the atmosphere in the dining room was serious, so, to lighten it, he laughed exclaiming, "Oh, I'm so happy! I can't wait to see my Great Grandpa this weekend."    

Jackson looked at Joe with a smile on his lips, "Do you like your Great Grandpa so much?"    

"Yes, my Great Grandpa treated me so well, " said Joe, recalling the last time he saw his Great Grandpa, "I also want to play with the little buddies."    

Looking at Joe's expectant face, Cherry softly chided, "Joe, eat your meal now. There will be plenty of time to see Great Grandpa and your little buddies this weekend."  

"Oh-ok, mommy."

(Sorry for the delay, episode 36 and 37 will be posted tomorrow)




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