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Season 3

Episode 29

(Who brought her out)

Jackson also thought things over.    

Something then occurred into Cherry's mind, and she turned to Jackson. As she stared at him, she asked, "Jackson, what did you do to Jean? What on Earth happened to her? Why has she come back to the city?"    

Jackson felt his heart ache when he looked at Cherry's emotional expression. He didn't dare to tell her the cruel truth about Jean.    

When Cherry noticed that Jackson didn't say anything, she became even more emotional and distressed. She said, "Tell me! Jackson, tell me!"  

Jackson shook Cherry's arms and tried to calm her down. He said, "Baby."    

She looked at Jackson silently and didn't say anything more.    

After Jackson saw Cherry calmed down, he slowly said, "Do you really want to know what happened to Jean?"    

Cherry nodded, because she realized that she had to know the truth.    

Jackson then slowly loosened Cherry's arms and turned his head sideways, because he didn't dare to look at Cherry while he told her what had happened to her elder sister.  

Jackson slowly began to say, "Five years ago, after Emily died because of Jean, I wanted to kill Jean because I wanted to kill anyone who ever dared to hurt you.    

But Derek advised me that she was your elder sister after all, and that it would be better to have mercy to her." Jackson paused for a moment, and then carefully continued, "I considered it for a long time and finally sent her to live in the underground world."    

Cherry couldn't stop shaking her head while Jackson was talking. 

She knew how the underground world looked like. Women in the underground world weren't ordinary women at all, and men in the underground world had fun with money, while the women took advantage of them by sex.  

Jackson continued, "Later, Derek told me that someone had taken her away and had left the city. I thought that she wouldn't come back anymore, so I didn't care where she had gone to."    

Cherry then finally understood why Jackson hadn't killed Jean at that time. Jackson had spared Jean, but in the process humiliated her. 

Jackson thought that she would never come back to the city after that, but unexpectedly, Jean had not only come back, but also seen Joe, their son.  

Cherry suddenly wrapped herself in her arms and curled up to her husband. She said, "Jackson, I'm scared!"    

Jackson turned to Cherry, and it pained him to see her frightened face.    

Jackson immediately took Cherry into his arms, and comforted her, "Baby, it's alright, I'm here and I can handle her. Don't worry, everything will be alright."    

Cherry raised her head, and while she looked at Jackson, she said, "I'm afraid that Jean will hurt Joe! I'm really afraid!" If Jean were to hurt someone, Cherry would always sacrifice herself for Joe, because her son, who was at such a young age, had great potential, and Cherry wouldn't let anyone hurt him.  

Jackson kept caressing Cherry's head, and comforted her, "It will be alright, and Joe will be fine! Trust me, Cherry, everything will be fine!"    
Jackson comforted Cherry, and knew that Cherry was very concerned with unexpected things because she hadn't had any sense of security when she was a child.    

Jackson's look was firm, and he made up his mind that no one had the right to hurt the people for whom he cared the most about, and Jean was no exception.  

After a long time, Cherry gradually calmed down. When Jackson noticed that Cherry became a little more serene, he said to her, "Baby, trust me, I'm here and I can handle it; you and Joe will be fine."    

Cherry snuggled up to Jackson's chest and slightly nodded. She thought that she could indeed rely on Jackson.    

Cherry then gently closed her eyes and gradually dozed off in his hug.    
Jackson looked at Cherry and couldn't help but kiss her forehead. 

When he noticed that she fell asleep safe and sound in his arms, he carefully took her into the bedroom.  

Jackson laid Cherry on the bed and covered her with a blanket. He took her hand, kissed its back, and then left the room.    

Jackson walked out of the villa and drove away.    

While he was driving, he also called Derek.    

Derek picked up the phone, and with drowsiness clearly heard in his voice, he said, "Hi, Jackson! What's wrong, it's so late..."    

Jackson ordered him, "Derek, go to Bobby right now! There's something that we need to handle."    

Derek at first didn't say a word, but then replied, "Got it!"  

Jackson drove as fast as he could to a private building located in one of the city's suburbs. The building had three floors, and its special architectural style made it look very luxurious. Royal blue glasses covered the building, and people couldn't see what was inside, and cameras monitored everything around the building. There were special structural styled hidden doors in the building kept away from strangers, so that only those who were familiar with them knew where they were.    

After Jackson got out of the car, he saw that Derek also arrived.    

Derek stopped, got out of the car, and then walked towards Jackson. 

He seriously said, "Jackson, what on Earth happened?"  

Jackson coldly said, "Go in first and we'll talk about it later." He then turned around and walked into the building.    

Derek followed Jackson and also walked into the building, closely following him from behind.    

After Jackson and Derek walked out of the elevator, they saw a line of people standing aside it.    

When they saw Jackson, everyone bowed to him and welcomed him.    

Jackson walked through them and then sat in the middle of the room.  

Derek followed and sat beside Jackson, while all the people around them where on their feet. 

Bobby also made his way through them and walked towards Jackson.    

He calmly asked, "Mr. Jackson, what bothers you to come here so late in the night?"    

Jackson lowered his head and slowly said, "Jean Shen seems to have shown herself."    

After Derek heard Jackson, his face became tense, and he couldn't help but give Bobby a brief cold glance.    
Bobby also looked at Derek, but he didn't respond to his stare, and instead turned back to Jackson.  

Derek then looked at Jackson, and asked, "Did you see her?"    

Jackson didn't raise his head, and answered Derek's question, "Joe saw her."    

Both Derek and Bobby changed their expression when they heard Jackson's words. They knew deep down in their heart what Jackson meant with them.    

Bobby cruelly said, "If she dares to hurt Joe, I'll kill her with my own hands!" Bobby and his team's mission was to protect Jackson and the people around him, and as long as Jackson commanded them something, he and his team would risk even their own lives to execute his order.  

Jackson then suddenly raised his head, and asked Bobby, "Do you think that she's afraid of losing her life?"    

Bobby looked back at Jackson, but didn't say anything; he knew what Jackson meant. What do women from the underground world even care about?  

The answer to that question was clear, because those women's lives had already decayed, and they didn't care about anything anymore, not even about their own lives.    

Derek was thinking of something else, and said, "Jackson, I don't think that's the point."    

Jackson looked at Derek, and waited for him to detail more about what he was thinking.  

He looked into Jackson's eyes, and said, "Jackson, you ignored one important aspect: who took her away in the first place?"




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