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Season 3

Episode 27

(She has been there all this time(1)

Joe then walked out of the elevator and saw that his Daddy and Mommy, as well as his Uncle Derek and Aunt Selina, were sitting in the office and chatting with one another. Joe thought about what had just happened in the elevator, and wondered if he should tell his Mommy about it after they got back home later in the evening.    

Joe went to Selina's office, and shouted cheerly, "Mommy, Mommy!"  

Hearing her son's voice, Cherry quickly turned around and looked at him. She asked, "Joe, did you came from school?"    

"Yes!" said Joe, and then threw himself in his Mommy's loving arms and snuggled up beside her.    

"Joe, I haven't seen you for a few days and I find that you're already more handsome than you were before!" said Selina with a smile on her lips.    

"Really? Aunt Selina, you're also very beautiful, " replied Joe to Selina with a lovely look on his face.    

"Are you serious?" Selina looked at Joe very surprised. She thought, 'This little kid is a real sweet talker.'  

"Do you really take a child's words seriously?" said Jackson with slight disdain. In his eyes, Selina wasn't as beautiful as Cherry was.    

Selina pretended to be dissatisfied with Jackson's words. She looked at Jackson, and said, "So what? For you, who can be more beautiful than your wife?"    

Without saying any words more, Jackson took a few sips out of his tea cup from the table.    

Derek smiled aside. He looked at Joe, and asked, "Joe, would you like to have dinner with us tonight?"  

"Will my Mommy be there as well?" suddenly asked Joe as he looked at his mother. He was surprised by the fact that his Daddy had left the villa with his Mommy today, rather than to still keep her imprisoned in it. If his Mommy wasn't allowed to have dinner with them, then he wouldn't go either, because he wanted to always stay at his mother's side.    

"As the most important person of the evening, don't you think that your Mommy will have dinner with us?" said Selina, while she glanced at Jackson. She then turned her eyes back to Joe, and continued to say, "Today is the day we celebrate your Mommy becoming the new Sales Director of the JS Group! How could she not come with us?"  

"Really? Mommy is the new Sales Director of the JS Group?" asked Joe, while he looked at Selina with a surprised look in his eyes, and then at his Mommy.    

Cherry lowered her head and gently nodded to her son who was sitting next to her.    

"Joe, think of it this way: I am the Executive President of the JS Group, and because I recognised your mommy's superior ability, I appointed her as our new Sales Director, " said Selina. She thought that Joe was too young to understand the complicated situation, so she explained it to him in simple terms.  

"But for Mommy to do that, Daddy needs to agree first!" Joe's words defeat Selina the moment he spoke them out.    

Derek and Cherry looked at Jackson, who had a relaxed expression on his face, and smiled together. Selina was the only one who had a gloomy look.    

"Joe, didn't you listen to me?" said Selina, who was pretending to be angry. Joe, the little kid, was smarter than she had thought him to be. She had wanted to show off in front of him, but she had never expected to be defeated by him.    

Cherry smiled, and then said to Selina, "Alright, alright, I think that you need to be more careful when you talk to my baby boy next time." 

 Hearing his Mommy's words, Joe looked at Selina with a complacent smile on his face.    

Selina wasn't convinced, and she said to Cherry's son, "Joe, I want to fight you one-on-one!"    

"Okay, but my Daddy and Mommy, as well as my Uncle Derek are here to help me. How many supporters do you have?" said Joe, while tightly lying in his Mommy's arms.    

"I..." Selina didn't know what to say anymore.    

Derek helplessly shook his head and smiled, and Jackson's face lit up too. Cherry held her son with a happy feeling in her heart.  

The five people sat in the VIP room of a hotel and had dinner together. 

With so many delicious plates of fine cuisine laid in front of them, Cherry picked food for Joe almost all the time, while Jackson picked Cherry's favorite dishes for her instead. He was afraid that she couldn't get to eat enough, because she spent too much time helping Joe with his own food.    

"Don't refill my bowl, I already had quite enough, " said Cherry to Jackson.    

Without replying to her, Jackson still kept putting food in his wife's plate.  

Joe, who was sitting right next to them, looked at his loving parent couple and felt very happy in his heart. He thought, 'How did Mommy persuade Daddy to let her out of the villa and go back to work at the JS Group? Maybe Daddy isn't so bad after all, and he still loves Mommy.'    
"Cherry, Jackson loves you very much. We can all clearly see that, " said Selina with a smile. Looking at Cherry's happy appearance, she suddenly yearned for her own love, and she thought that if a man ever appeared in her life who managed to treat her as Jackson treated Cherry, she would undoubtedly marry him in an instant, with no questions asked.  

Cherry lowered her head and ate her food without saying any more words.    

"Aunt Selina, why didn't you get married yet?" suddenly asked Joe.    
Joe's words made everyone feel surprised. Jackson, who was planning to have a bite, suddenly stopped and looked at Selina.    

"I... I...I haven't met my Mr. Right yet, " tried to say Selina, but in reality she didn't know what to say.    

"Maybe I can introduce you to my Uncle Wilson? Why don't you go on a date with him? What do you think of my Uncle?" said Joe with a smile.  

"Joe!" shouted Cherry, stopping her naughty son from talking.    

Jackson, however, heartily laughed aside at them.    

When she saw that Jackson was laughing at her, Selina looked at Cherry, and hastily said to Joe, "No, I don't want a man to date."    

After she finished her words, Selina lowered her head and continued to eat her food. Her face was flushed bright red with shyness. Although her impression on Wilson wasn't that bad, she didn't think that she would ever develop an intimate relationship with him; moreover, they weren't familiar with each other in any way, and she suddenly didn't know what to say or what to do anymore when she heard what Joe had just said to her.  



  1. Are we sure this boy is really five how he be this intelligent. Thank you author

  2. Dis boy no go kee person, aswear

  3. Omo this boy wan kee me with laugh

  4. eeeiii... this boy called Joe...hahaha



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