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Season 3

Episode 26

(Never let her off)

After they bought it, Jackson drove the military vehicle, and while he was looking at the car in front of him, his heart was filled with joy. He was capable of doing anything to make Cherry happy.    

After they arrived at the entrance of the JS Group's Building, Cherry got out of the car in high spirits. She walked up to Jackson, and after she took his hand, said, "Shall we go in?"    

Jackson looked at Cherry, and with a smile on his lips, said "You look pretty joyful!"  

"Of course I am! I'm so happy that I own a brand new car!" said Cherry, with great delight in her tone.    

Jackson just shook his head and smiled without uttering a word.    

They then took chairman's elevator up to the top floor. The moment after they walked out of the elevator, Cherry saw Caroline, and shouted happily at her, "Caroline!"    

Caroline stood up, and with a bright smile on her lips replied, "Cherry, you're back!"    

"Yes, " answered Cherry. When she saw Selina rushing out of the office, Cherry instantly got rid of Jackson's arm and strode towards her.  

"Cherry, you're finally back!" said Selina, also grinning from ear to ear.    

"Selina, did you miss me?" asked Cherry while she tightly hugged Selina in her arms, uncaring about Jackson's morose face.    

"Of course I missed you very much! Without you around here, I don't have the necessary incentive to work hard, " joked Selina. She thought that the days in which Cherry had been away had been bad, and less productive, and that they made her feel that something was somehow missing. Now when she saw Cherry, she understood that it was because she had gotten used to work together with her.  

"Is that so? Well, now I'm here to work together with you, " said Cherry happily.    

Selina was so amazed after she heard Cherry's words that all of a sudden she held her arms, and asked, "Cherry, are you kidding?"    

"How could I? Look!" said Cherry, as she dangled her car key in front of Selina's eyes. "Jackson's bought a car for me!"    

"Really?" Selina couldn't believe what she was hearing, and suddenly turned her eyes to look at Jackson, but his cold face made it hard for her to ask her question again.  

"Of course, it's true, " said Cherry with a grin. As if she hadn't noticed that Jackson was a bit ruffled, she turned to looked at him, and asked, "Well, is it true?"    

Jackson looked at Cherry's face, and asked, "Does Selina's presence make you want to leave me behind?" She had already left him out in the cold for a long time.    

After they heard Jackson's words, Cherry and Selina looked at each other and couldn't help themselves to not burst into laughter.    

Selina looked at Jackson and said, "Brother, how could you be jealous on me because I'm close to Cherry?"  

Cherry held Selina's hand, and with a smile on her lips said to Jackson, "Could you please behave a little bit more normally?"    

Jackson looked at the two women but especially at Cherry, whose bold attitude made her deserve a good spanking from him. He thought, 'Just you wait! You'll see what I'll do to you tonight, foolish girl!'    

Selina then grabbed Cherry's arm, and as she walked with her towards her office, said, "Come on, let's go! Leave him alone."    

After they walked into the office Jackson's intention was to follow them, but suddenly the elevator bell rang, and when he looked back, he saw Derek coming towards him out of it.  

Derek walked out of the elevator, and when he saw Jackson's unhappy face, he asked, "Jackson, what's happened?  Who irritated you like this?"    

Jackson glimpsed at the two women in the office, and said, "Who else could make me so angry?"    

Derek followed Jackson's look and saw that Cherry and Selina were sitting on the sofa and cheerfully chatting about something; he then immediately understood his frustration.    

Derek patted Jackson on his shoulder, and said, "Jackson, never mind about them, it's alright when women meet each other, they're friends. Let's go and also chat with them."  

Jackson didn't answer but followed him.    

Bill then arrived with Joe downstairs. Joe had already been at the JS Group, so he was already somehow familiar with it. After Joe got out of the car, he said to Bill, "Bill, you can go back; I would like to go upstairs and see my parents by myself."    

"Okay, but my young master, please be careful, " said Bill.    

"Okay, I'll go now, " said Joe, while he waved goodbye at Bill. He ten turned around and walked inside the JS Group's building.  

The moment after Joe entered the JS Group's building, a woman dressed professionally, wearing dark glasses, and carrying a handbag, followed him. She had her eyes on Joe Shen and saw him walking towards the elevator.    

Joe looked at the regular elevator and then at the reserved for the chairman. When he saw that the regular elevator arrived, Joe walked into it and the woman followed him.    

The only two people in the elevator were Joe and the mysterious woman. Joe then tried to press the button for the top floor but failed, because he wasn't tall enough to reach it.  

Joe then asked the woman, "Sister, could you please help me press the button for the top floor?"    

The woman first pressed the button for the top floor, and then the button for 28th floor.    

Joe saw that the two buttons were illuminated and thought, 'Maybe the sister wants to go to the 28th floor.'    
"What's your name?" unexpectedly asked the woman.    

Joe was a little surprised, and after he looked at the woman, he wondered, 'Why does she want to know my name? I don't know her.'  

Realizing that Joe didn't want to answer her question, the woman continued to say, "Your father is Jackson and your mother is Cherry."  

"How do you know my Daddy and Mommy?" asked Joe. "Who are you?" he continued.    

"Your face is so similar to Jackson's, " said the woman, without answering Joe Shen's question. She then added, "It's really a miracle that Cherry came back to Jackson."    

"Who are you?" Joe then raised his head and stared at her face, but because her sunglasses were so big that they nearly covered half of it, he didn't have a good look at her.  

"I'm a friend of your Mommy, " said the woman, while she seemed to be remembering something. She then added, "I'm also a friend of your father."    

"Maybe you can go together with me to see my Daddy and Mommy! They're on the top floor with my aunt Selina, " said Joe. He thought, 'Since she's a friend of my parents, then she could be my aunt, so it's okay to be friendly to her.'    

"There's no need, " refused the woman, somehow nervous. She then added, "Maybe we will meet one day, but not today, and not like this."    

Joe then unexpectedly changed his impression on the woman, and bemused looked at her and said, "Aunt, you're strange."  

Through her sunglasses, the woman suddenly fixed Joe Shen with a decidedly hostile look. She said, "Shut up!"    

Joe Shen couldn't help but start to tremble when he heard her yell. Why was she so wicked with him? He had done nothing bad to her.    

Realizing that Joe was scared by her, the woman adjusted her emotions, and coldly said, "Tell you mother that I will never let her off the hook, like it's always been ever since we were children."    

The woman was Jean. After she said this, the elevator stopped on the 28th floor and she walked out of it.  

Joe gazed at her back, and wondered, 'Who was that woman? Why does it seem hard to get along with her? And why did she say that? Does she know my Mommy since childhood?'



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