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Season 3

Episode 22

(How do get in here(2)

Hearing his footsteps, Jackson was sad, because he felt that not only his wife was running away from him, but also his son.    

Cherry opened the door, and when she saw her son standing in front of her, she instantly felt warm in her heart again.    

Joe asked, "Mommy, have you stayed in your room the whole day?"    

Cherry smiled to him, and said, "No, I just came upstairs."  

She then pulled her son into the room, and asked him, "How was your day at school?"    

"Pretty good, just as usual. Nothing special today, " calmly said Joe to his Mommy.    

Cherry and her son then sat on the sofa. She held his hand, and asked, "Have you seen your Daddy?"    

Joe nodded, and answered, "Yes, he's in the living room now."    

Joe noticed that his Mommy didn't look so good, and asked, "Mommy, are you still not talking to Daddy?"    

Cherry looked away from him, and said, "I don't know what to talk to him."  

Joe thought for a while, and then said, "Mommy, could you ask Daddy to stop keeping you locked at home all day? If you ask him, I'm certain that he will listen to you."    

Joe knew that his Daddy loved his Mommy very much, and he felt also felt that his mother was very special to his father.    

Cherry then looked at her son, and as she shook her head, she replied, "No, Joe. You're too young to understand some things, and even if he does let me out, the problems between me and your Daddy will still be there."    

Joe then fell silent and just stared at his Mommy.  

Cherry felt it awkward, and she quickly said, "Joe, let's go downstairs together; I'll have dinner with you."    

Joe nodded his head.    

When they went downstairs, they saw that Jackson was still sitting on the sofa watching TV. Cherry ignored him completely and walked with her son to the dinning room.    

They sat down in the dining room, and Cherry asked the maid, who was busy in the kitchen, "Lily, is the dinner ready? Cook some dinner for Joe."    

"Of course, of course, the dinner will be ready in a minute!" quickly answered Lily.  

Shortly after that, Lily came out of the kitchen with a plate in her hands and put it in front of Joe on the table.    

Cherry looked at her son, and said, "Joe, eat your dinner now."    

"Mommy, don't you also want to have dinner?" Shortly after Joe finished his sentence, Lily came out with another plate in her hands.    

When Cherry saw that Lily was coming to her, she quickly said, "I don't want to have dinner, so there's no need to prepare a dish for me."    

Lily was confused, and as she looked at Cherry, she didn't know what to say.  

"Mommy, eat some food, or else you'll feel hungry when you go to bed, " said Joe.    

Cherry looked at her son, and replied, "Joe, really, I'm not hungry. Just eat your dinner, okay?"    

"Okay, " helplessly replied Joe as he lowered his head and started to eat his dinner.    

Lily put the other plate she was carrying where Jackson usually sat and then walked to the living room.    
She went to Jackson, and respectfully said, "Mr. Jackson, dinner is ready."  

Jackson knew that his wife and son were downstairs and sat in the dinning room, because he cared about what they said and did.    

Jackson stood up from the couch and also walked to the dinning room.    

After he sat down at the table, he couldn't help but glance at the two in front of him. He saw that only his son was eating, and that Cherry didn't have dinner and instead just looked at Joe. Jackson couldn't see her face because she was sitting with her back towards him.    

Cherry and Joe knew that Jackson was at the table, and Joe couldn't help but glance at his Mommy. 

When he saw that she was silent and looked unconcerned, he said nothing and continued to eat his food.  

Cherry asked, "Have you finished your dinner?"    

"Yes, I have, " replied Joe after he swallowed his last mouthful of food.    

"Then let's go upstairs now. You should do your homework."    

"Okay, " said Joe while he nodded.    

Cherry then stood up from the table, held her son's hand, and left upstairs with him.    

Jackson lowered his head and slowly ate his dinner, but he was very angry that Cherry completely ignored him.  

Cherry spent some time with her son in his room, and helped him to do his homework and take his evening bath. After Joe went to bed and fell asleep as usual, she tucked him in and eventually walked out of the room.    

She then went back her own room and closed the door behind her. 

Then she took a pajama from the closet and walked to the bathroom.    
Jackson was lying in bed in his own room, but when he heard the sound of a door close, he knew that Cherry had returned back to her own room. 

Jackson immediately got out of bed, left his room and then walked to her bedroom door. Jackson tried to open it, but Cherry had already locked the door, and he couldn't open it without a key.  

Jackson raged. He went downstairs to get the spare key and then immediately opened the door, but he found the room empty.    

He then heard a splash and realized that Cherry was in the bathroom taking a shower.    

Jackson, still silent, walked directly into the bathroom.    

Cherry was startled when she saw the door open. After she saw that it was Jackson, she quickly wrapped herself in a towel, and asked, "How did you get in here?"  




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