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Season 3

Episode 21

(how do you get in here(1)

Jackson was in doubt. He said, "I'm not sure. Cherry saw the photo of him and Stephen, so she might have remembered his face. What if..."    

Derek suddenly became nervous, and asked, "Have they actually met each other?"    

Jackson shook his head, and replied, "No, I don't think so."    

Derek felt more relieved after he heard him. He said, "That's good. If they meet each other, I think that he'll certainly lay his eyes on her, just because Cherry's yours."  

"I won't let them meet!" said Jackson firmly, and with a determined look in his eyes. He was willing to protect Cherry at all costs.    

Derek then fell silent, and seemed to be thinking of something.    

Jackson suddenly said, "However, for the moment, this is not the most important thing that we need to handle."    

Derek was confused when heard this, and asked, "Then what is?"    

"Jean is back in the city, " calmly replied Jackson.  

Derek opened his eyes wide, and while he stared at Jackson, he asked, "When did she come back?"    
"She's been back for some time already, but I don't know what she wants to do."    

Derek furiously said, "You shouldn't have released her! Now that she's back, nobody knows what she'll do!"    

Jackson became silent, and was lost in thought.    

As he slowly shook his head, Derek helplessly continued, "Jackson, ever since you met Cherry, you've changed completely. You let Jean out for Cherry, right? And you also haven't destroyed Stephen yet, also because of Cherry. Jean and Stephen are ticking time bombs, just waiting to explode. Do you understand me?"  

Jackson still said nothing, because he knew it better than anyone else, but when he thought about Cherry, he felt it hard for him to ruin them.    
Derek continued, "So, Jackson, what are you going to do?"    

Jackson shot a glance at Derek the moment he finished his question, beckoning him to stop talking.    

Derek quickly shut up as he understood the hint.    

Jackson then looked at the door, and asked, "Who is it?"  

After he asked, he heard someone replying, "Mr. Jackson, it's me, I've brought you some fruits. Would you and Derek want to eat some?" The butler's voice outside the door sounded very close to them.    

Jackson and Derek first looked at each other and then Derek went to open the door.    

After he opened the door, he saw the butler standing there with fruit plate in his hand. He took the plate, and after he gave him a cold look, said, "Thanks."    

"My pleasure, and I apologize for interrupting whatever you were doing. Please go on, I should go back downstairs now and accompany Andrew, " said the butler, and then he turned around and left.  

Derek closed the door after he saw the butler go downstairs, and then he walked to Jackson and put the fruit plate on the table near them.    

"He must have stood outside the door all this time, " guessed Derek. 

Actually, he was quite sure about it, because a soldier's instinct was never wrong, and besides, Derek had never been wrong about anyone before.    

Jackson replied, "I've been suspecting that he's a problem for some time already."    

Derek was astonished by what he said, and asked, "Haven't you told your Grandpa about him yet?"  

Jackson shook his head, because he was also still confused. Things were not exactly the same as what he guessed. Although he had observed some odd things about some people, he still couldn't draw a clear conclusion about what was actually going on.    

In the afternoon, Jackson went back home, and the moment he entered into the living room, he found Cherry sitting on a chair in the balcony and reading a book. He quietly stood in the living room and stared at Cherry's back.    

When Lily saw that Jackson had returned, she quickly walked up to him, and said, "Welcome back home, Mr. Jackson!"  

But Jackson ignored Lily's greeting, and after he stared for a little more time at Cherry's back, he asked, "Did she eat something?"    

"She ate some food at noon, " replied Lily. She also stared at Cherry's back and felt sad about her condition. She had eaten just a few bites of food, and all of the food that she had eaten during the past couple of days totalled one single meal.    

"You can go back to work now, " said Jackson.    

Lily replied, "Okay."  She nodded and then left.    

Jackson then walked to the balcony.  

Cherry felt that someone was approaching, so she looked back, but when she saw that it was Jackson, she put down the book she was reading and stood up from the chair.    

Jackson stood beside Cherry and saw that she was reading a collection of poems. He asked, "Why are you reading that?"    

Cherry didn't look at Jackson; instead, she looked sideways, and calmly told him, "I'm tired, and I want to go to my room and rest."    

Cherry then passed Jackson's side and left.    

He was astonished, and wondered whether she was running away from him or not.  

After Cherry returned to her room she closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed. She had mixed feelings stirred inside her, because she didn't know how to face Jackson anymore.    

Joe also returned home from school, and the moment he ran into the living room, he shouted, "Mommy, Mommy, I'm home!"    

Joe saw that his Daddy was sitting on the sofa and watching the military news on TV.    

He looked at Jackson, and said, "Daddy, I'm back."    

Jackson turned around and also looked at his son, and said, "You finished school so early?"  

"Yes, " said Joe while he nodded.

After a while, when he saw that Jackson was silent, Joe said, "Daddy, I'll go upstairs now and see my Mommy."
Joe noticed that his Daddy was watching the news and ignoring him, so he turned around and quickly ran upstairs to his mother's bedroom.




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