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Season 3

Episode 19

(Who is that man?(2)

As soon as she got downstairs, she saw that Joe was eating his breakfast in the dining room, while meanwhile, Jackson was sitting in the living room.    

Cherry stepped into the dining room, and said to Joe with a smile on her face, "Joe, have you finished your breakfast?"    

"Mommy, you came down! I'm almost done, " replied Joe happily, also smiling at her. He noticed that his Mommy's expression was better than it had been the other day, and Joe thought that it was because of his Uncle's family visit.  

Cherry sat next to her son, and after she caressed his head, she said, "Hurry up, Bill has to drive you to school!"    

"Okay, " replied Joe. He then suddenly thought of something, and said, "Mommy, how about I ask Lily to make a breakfast for you too. 

Would you like to eat it with me?"    But Cherry just shook her head, and said to Joe, "That's okay. I have no appetite and don't feel like eating, but don't worry about Mommy, I'll do that when I'm hungry."    

Joe looked at his Mommy and didn't say anything more to her but nod.  

After breakfast, Cherry checked Joe's schoolbag to make sure that he had taken all the things that he needed with him. She then put it on her son's back, and said, "Joe, Mommy won't see you out. Bill will drive you to school, and remember to listen to your teacher's words and be a good boy. Mommy will be here at home waiting for you after you come back, alright?"    

Joe stared at his Mommy, and he knew that the guards were now outside the villa again. Mommy couldn't get out of the house no matter how much she wanted to walk him to Bill's car.  

Joe nodded, and said, "Mommy, I'll come back earlier this afternoon. Remember to eat you breakfast until then!"    

"Alright, go to school now, you don't want to be late!"    


Watching Joe walk out the door, Cherry still felt reluctant to say goodbye to him. It wasn't until Bill started the car and drove away that she snapped out of her thoughts about her son.    

Lily then walked to Cherry, and asked, "Mrs. Cherry, do you want to have your breakfast? I can prepare it for you."    

"No, I'm not in the mood of eating anything, " replied Cherry as she turned towards the staircase to quickly return to her room.  

Jackson, who was sitting in the living room, had paid attention to every word that Cherry said since she had come downstairs, including what she said to Joe and her answer to Lily's question. He had heard her words crystal clear.    

He suddenly put down the newspaper in his hands and went on the stairs, blocking Cherry's way to the second floor.    

When she saw Jackson in front of her, she had no choice but to quietly stop in front of him.    

Jackson looked at Cherry without any sort of compassion in his eyes.  He asked her, "Do you think that you're made of iron?"  

"That's none of your business, " said Cherry, and as she looked sideways, she hoped in her heart that he would somehow disappear.    

"Cherry, I won't let you starve to death in the house. You have to eat the breakfast!" ordered Jackson directly. 'When did this stubborn woman learn to go against me with her own body?' he wondered.    

Cherry gradually focused her sight on Jackson, and as she stared at him, word by word, said, "Jackson, I already told you, I don't want to eat anything!"    

After that, Cherry attempted to push Jackson aside and to walk upstairs. 

She had no interest in arguing with him, and instead just wanted to go back to her own room and just calm down.  

Realizing that Cherry was about to run away, Jackson grabbed her hands and pressed her onto the wall. Cherry couldn't move anymore, because her shoulders were tightly held by Jackson's hands.    

"Cherry, do you want me to hit you?" Jackson indignantly glared at Cherry.    

"You want to hit me? Do it then, after all, it wouldn't be the first time, would it?" Cherry didn't fear Jackson anymore, because she had been already accustomed to what he could do to her.  

Jackson gritted his teeth, and said, "Don't force me!" He didn't want to lay his hands on Cherry.    

All of a sudden, Cherry looked up at Jackson, and with a kind of nerve that she didn't know she had in her, she furiously said, "Have I ever forced you to do anything? Hasn't it been all up to you since I came back to the villa? I listened to your arrangement, and gave my car back to my brother. I also followed your words, and let Bill drive me to work everyday. Tell me, have I ever resisted you in some way during these past days? Why do you want to hide those things from me? Why do you have to lock me at home? Is it because you saw me together with Stephen at the hotel?"  

"Cherry!" Jackson glared balefully at Cherry, his eyes gleaming with an almost murderous relish in them. He continued to say, "I've told you before that you can't meet with any other men because you're my woman, and mine alone! Have you forgotten that?"    

"So why don't you listen to me say why I met with him? I went to the hotel with Stephen, because in his bar I saw..." but before Cherry could finish to utter her whole sentence, she was suddenly interrupted by Jackson.    

"Why did you go to Stephen?" asked Jackson. He insisted on asking, although he already knew the answer in his heart.  

"I wanted to ask Stephen some questions. Because you didn't want to tell me their answers, I thought that Stephen could help me with them, " answered Cherry, doggedly.    
"What did you find in the apartment?" inquired Jackson, very anxious to know what had Cherry actually found out.    

Cherry then looked into Jackson's eyes, and asked, "Who's that man? 
Why did you follow Stephen and the man in the photo? That man..."    

But Cherry was again interrupted by Jackson.  

"Have you seen the photos in the drawer?" asked Jackson surprised, with his eyes fixed on Cherry, almost popping out of their sockets.



  1. Tell her na. Thank my writer

  2. Yes na just tell her what she need to knw

  3. hmmm... these two really make heartache. it's a pity that you two are allowing the past destroy the present



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