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Season 3

Episode 18

(Who is that man?(1)

"Don't worry about me, I'm okay. It's safe to stay here anyway, nothing will happen to me, " said Cherry.    

"But you..." said Wilson, but was quickly interrupted by Cherry before he had the chance to finish his words.    

"Brother, I'm Jackson's wife. He won't do anything bad to me, and even if he wants to, I won't allow him to, because I also have to protect Joe in the following days, " said Cherry.  

Wilson said nothing and just kept his eyes fixed on Cherry, who seemed to be very stubborn.    

He chatted with Cherry for a while longer and then went downstairs with Elsa. Cherry and Joe followed them from behind down the staircase.    

Wilson walked to the living room as he saw that Jackson and Jacob were talking there.    

He said to him, "Father, it's time for us to go back home now; Jackson and Cherry need to rest."    

Jacob looked at his watch, and suddenly said to Jackson, "Oh, look, I've completely forgot about the time!"  

When he saw that Jacob hastily stood up from his seat, Jackson peacefully said, "How about staying here for the night? There are spare rooms for you, and I can ask Lily to quickly tidy them up."    

"No, thank you, we'd better go back. We'll disturb you if we stay here, " said Wilson to Jackson.    

Jackson nodded to him without saying a word.    

Jackson and Cherry saw them to the door and watched their car drive away, but Cherry felt sad when she saw them leave.    

The car soon disappeared out of their sight, but Cherry was still standing at the door staring absentminded. Joe, who was standing beside Cherry, pulled her clothes when he saw that his Mommy wasn't intending to leave. 

"Mommy, they left, " said Joe.  

Cherry quickly snapped out of her trance, and as she turned her eyes to Joe, she said, "Hum! Come now, let's go inside."    

She then held Joe's hand and walked with him back in the house.    
Jackson quietly stood his ground, and saw that Cherry passed by him without looking once at him.    

Cherry went upstairs with Joe into his room. After she helped Joe bathe and arrange the things in his messy room, Cherry sat on Joe's bed and told him bedtime stories. It was only until Joe fell asleep that Cherry left his room, sick with drowsiness.  

The moment she opened the door of her room she saw that Jackson was lying on her bed. She wanted to turn around and leave, but when she took her first step, Jackson called her back.    

"Halt, " ordered Jackson, just like he did in the army.    

Cherry stopped dead in her tracks, with her back towards Jackson. She was afraid to step further, because judging form his tone, she knew that Jackson wasn't happy at all with what she did.    

Jackson got out of bed and strode to Cherry's side. Looking at her face, he asked, "Where do you think you're going?"  

"In the living room, to sleep, " calmly replied Cherry, without any sort of affection in her words. Her reply to him was dead cold.    

"Isn't here enough room for you to sleep in? Why do you have to go to the living room?" asked Jackson, with his eyes fixed on Cherry.    

Cherry instantly turned her head, and for a moment, looked into Jackson's eyes, and said, "I don't want to sleep with you. Would you mind if you go back to your own room? If not, I'll sleep in the living room."    

As soon as Cherry finished her words, Jackson ferociously called Cherry's full name. "Cherry Shen!"  

Cherry quietly gazed at Jackson; she knew that Jackson was mad, but she didn't have the slightest intention of following his orders.    

"Are you sure that you have the right to call the shots in this home? Do you think you can sleep wherever you want?" furiously said Jackson. 

How could this damn woman hate him so much? He had done nothing but to lock her in the house, hadn't he? Wasn't that for her own sake? 

Why did she have to go against him?    

Cherry focused her eyes on him, and finally uttered the restrained words she had in her heart. She said, "Jackson, although I have no right to call any shots in this home, I still have the right to choose where I sleep."  

Jackson lost his temper completely when he saw the stubbornness and boldness in Cherry's eyes, and he grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bedside. He then pushed her on the bed.    

"I'll let you sleep here today, " said Jackson arbitrarily.    

Cherry instantly rose back from the bed, and as she tried to resist him, she said, "Then you go!"    

"I have no intention of leaving this room, " replied Jackson.    

"Then I will!" Cherry averted her eyes from Jackson, because she hated seeing him. The only thing that she wanted to do was to run away as soon as possible and as far as she could from the man in front of her.  

"Did I allow you to leave?" Jackson tightly caught hold of Cherry's arm, because he could never give her another chance to run away from him. He roared at her, "The only person that makes the rules in this house is me!"    

"Jackson, release me! I don't want to stay with you!" Cherry was in a problematic situation, because she didn't know how to face Jackson and could do nothing but to try to avoid him.  

As soon as the last word left her mouth, Jackson grabbed Cherry's throat with his hand and brought her face close to his.    

"Cherry, you have no right to say no in front of me, " said Jackson. Word by word, he then whispered into Cherry's ear, "Now, because you didn't behave, don't blame for what I'm about to do to you!"    

After that, Jackson directly began his moves on her like a rabid animal. He had decided that he would spend the whole night with her until she cried for mercy. How dare she spend time in a hotel room with another man? Who had ever given her that right?    

The next morning, Cherry woke up and saw that Jackson wasn't there anymore. The whole room was a total mess, something that saddened Cherry. She got out of bed, walked into the bathroom, and took a hot shower. She then changed into some casual house clothes and walked out the bedroom.  




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