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Season 3

Episode 15

(Dinning with Daddy)

As soon as school was over in the afternoon, Joe rushed to the school's gates. Seeing that Bill had already arrived and was waiting for him, he quickly jumped into the car. 

He said to him, "Bill, let's hurry home now!"    

"Okay, " said Bill. When he saw that Joe was so anxious to go back home, Bill didn't ask too much about why he was in such of a hurry, and quickly started the car to bring the young master back to the villa.    
While he was sitting in the car, Joe couldn't help but ask Bill, "Bill, is my Daddy home now?"  

Bill shook his head, and said, "Not yet. Mr. Jackson hasn't been at home all day long."    

"How about my Mommy? Is she okay?" anxiously asked Joe.    

Bill thought a while, and then helplessly said, "Madam hasn't eaten a thing all day. She's locked herself in her room since morning and she won't come out. Lily and I also have no idea what to do."    

"Can't you send her something to eat to her room?" asked Joe, obviously irritated.  How could his Mommy eat nothing all day?    

"Madam was reluctant to open the door. Lily and I knocked and asked her to open the door almost all day, but she just wouldn't listen to us, " said Bill, in a helpless tone.  

Joe knew that it was useless to talk about the delicate matter with Bill, because he knew what kind of person his mother was.    

He urged Bill to drive faster, and said, "Let's arrive quickly, I want to see my Mommy!" He then turned his head sideways and looked outside the window.    

Bill fell silent, and just drove the car.    

The moment they arrived back home, Joe saw that the security guards were still in the courtyard, but he ignored them, and walked straight into the villa.  

He walked into the living room and saw that Lily was busy cooking in the kitchen. He also ignored her, and directly went upstairs to his mother's bedroom.    

After he arrived at the door, Joe hastily knocked on it. He shouted, "Mommy, Mommy, it's me, Joe!"    

Cherry was sitting on the floor and looking outside the window at the setting sun when she heard her son's voice. She realized that it was almost evening, and that Joe had arrived back home from school.    

She quickly stood up and went to open the door.  

But her legs were numb, and after she took a few steps, she plopped on the floor.    

Hearing the drop from inside the room, Joe knocked on the door again, and asked concerned, "Mommy, what happened?  Are you okay?"    

"Joe, I'm fine, don't worry, " said Cherry, in a delighted tone.    

Regardless of the pain that she felt in her legs, Cherry stood up from the floor again and slowly walked towards the door step by step. 

Because she had sat on the floor almost all day, her legs had become stiff and numb.    

Cherry then opened the door and saw her son standing in front of her.  

The moment that Joe saw his mother, he happily jumped into her arms, and tightly hugged her for some time.    

"Mommy, how could you eat nothing all day long?" Joe was very worried about Cherry, and after he saw his mother's weak and pale face, he felt heart-struck.    

Cherry put on a weak smile, and said, "I'm not hungry, Joe. Don't worry about me."    

"But Mommy, you..." but before Joe could finish his words, he was quickly interrupted by Cherry.    

"Be a good boy, Joe. I'm okay, really, don't worry about me." She then asked, "Are you hungry? Go and eat dinner, Lily should have prepared it by now."  

"No, I want to eat with Mommy!" obstinately said Joe.    

While she caressed her son's head, Cherry said in a tender voice, "Joe, I really have no appetite. Go downstairs, have your dinner, and then come back here. I'll help you do your homework after."    

Joe couldn't go against his Mommy's wishes, so he nodded his head.    

Just when Joe was about to go downstairs, he suddenly thought of something. He turned his head to Cherry, and said, "Mommy, I have something to tell you."  

After he said that, he vigilantly looked at the corridor to see whether Lily or Bill were listening to them. He then whispered into Cherry's ear, "Tonight, Uncle Wilson, Grandpa and Grandma will come here."    

"What?" Cherry was astonished after she heard what he said, and she asked, "How could you tell them?"    

"Mommy, I don't want you to be imprisoned here by Daddy. I want Uncle Wilson to rescue you!" said Joe.    

Cherry then suddenly became serious, and as she looked into Joe's eyes, she said, "Joe, this is our family's business, and we shouldn't get your Uncle into trouble."  

Joe realized that his mother was actually angry with what he had done. He pouted, and then stared at his mother without saying another word.    

Cherry squatted down and looked at her son. In a tender voice, she said, "Joe, I know that you're a sensible and thoughtful boy, but you already know by now what kind of person your father is. If more people get involved in our family's affairs, they'll also get into trouble, and that won't help me at all. Your Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa have treated us so well, and we shouldn't implicate them. Do you understand?"  

"But I also don't want you to be treated like this! Daddy is obviously restricting your freedom!" replied Joe. He knew what his mother was worried about, and thought, 'Uncle Wilson, Grandma and Grandpa indeed have treated us very well, and I definitely don't want to get them into trouble.' He hadn't thought of that when he had called Wilson, but he just didn't want his mother to be sad. He wanted his mother to be happy, and free.    

Cherry helplessly shook her head, and said, "Joe, no one knows your father better than I do. As long as he's determined to do something, no one can ever change his mind."  

After some time, Joe said, "Mommy, I've already told Uncle Wilson to come here tonight. What should we do now?"    

Cherry lowered her head and started to seriously think about the outcome of Joe's action. 'Since Wilson, mother and Jacob will come here, then let them come. If I refuse to see them, they will be even more suspicious. I have to face them!'    

Cherry looked at her son, and said, "Joe, listen to me! When they come, don't behave like something has happened, do you understand? Just behave as usual, alright?"  

"I understand, " said Joe, nodding firmly.    

Cherry then put a smile on her face, and said, "Now, go downstairs and eat your dinner."    

"Okay, " replied Joe.    

When Joe went back downstairs, he saw that Bill was washing the car outside in the courtyard and that Lily was still cooking in the kitchen. 

He then walked straight into the kitchen.    

"Lily, is dinner ready?" asked Joe.    

Hearing Joe's voice, Lily hastily replied, "Not yet. Mr. Jackson told me that he would be back later in the evening and that he wanted to have dinner together with you.  We'll have to wait for him, okay?"  

After he heard what Lily said, Joe suddenly felt a little bit more delighted. He was worried that his father wouldn't be at home, and he had even intended to think about a way to bring him back, but now that he knew that his Daddy would come, he didn't have to think about that anymore. Jackson had already called Lilly and had told her that he wanted to eat dinner with his son.    

"Okay, let's wait for Daddy then! I'll eat some snacks for now, " and after he said this, Joe left the kitchen and went back upstairs.    

Not long after that, Joe heard the sound of a car parking in the courtyard, and he thought that it surely must be his father.

After Jackson entered the living room, he saw that Joe and Cherry weren't there. He then saw Lily cooking in the kitchen.

Just when Jackson was about to go to the kitchen and ask Lily about what had happened while he was away, he heard the phone ring.

He stopped and turned around, and then walked back into the living room to answer the phone.




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