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Season 3

Episode 14

(I would not leave mummy(2)

The teacher then approached Joe, and seeing his unhappy appearance, the teacher carefully asked him, "What's wrong? Are you in some sort of trouble?"    

Hearing the teacher's question, Joe suddenly got inspired. He looked at the teacher, and said, "Can I borrow your phone?"    

The teacher looked back at Joe with surprise, and said, "What do you want to do with my phone?"    

"I want to call my Uncle, " said Joe.  

"But you live with your Daddy now, and you don't need to go back to your Uncle's house anymore. Why do you want to call him?" replied the teacher. She knew Joe's situation very well, because he was Jackson's son. She had wanted to ask a favor out of Jackson but she hadn't had the chance yet. 

The teacher had tried her best to take good care of Joe and wondered if she might ever get a chance to meet with Joe's father.    

Seeing his teacher's unwillingness to lend her phone, Joe thought for a moment. He then looked at the teacher seriously, and said, "Do you know who my Daddy is? If I go home and tell my Daddy that the teacher behaved badly to me at school, what kind of punishment do you think you will get?"  

Joe's words suddenly made the teacher nervous. She would certainly get fired, and all the people in the city knew that it was a terrible thing to offend Jackson.    

The teacher then quickly took out her phone and gave it to Joe. There was a slight quiver in her hand and voice, and she said, "Joe, I'm very sorry! I didn't mean what I said just now, but I just wanted to know the reason why you needed the phone before I lend it to you. Here you are, you can call you Uncle now!"    

Joe then took the phone from her but still didn't feel satisfied. He said to the teacher, "Would you mind if you go out? I'll return it to your office after I'm done with it."  

"Okay, okay, take your time, " hastily said the teacher with a smile on her face before she left the classroom.    
Seeing that the teacher went away, Joe looked all around classroom again. After Joe made sure that there was nobody else inside except him, he dialed his Uncle's number.    

The call was soon connected.   

 "Hello, this is Wilson speaking!"   

 "Hey, Uncle, it's Joe!"  

"Joe?" Wilson was surprised by his sudden phone call. "Why are you calling me? Whose phone is this?"    
"It's my teacher's phone. Uncle, I have something to tell you, " quickly said Joe.    

"What's wrong? Joe, what happened?" softly asked Wilson, completely unaware of why his nephew had called him.    

"Uncle, it's about my Mommy! She was imprisoned in our house by my father!"    

"What?" Wilson was surprised, and asked, "What happened?"    

"Last night, my Mommy went out alone, and I don't know exactly what happened. Daddy went out very angrily to look for Mommy and then beat her before he brought Mommy back. He also said that Mommy doesn't need to go to work anymore, and she was also forbidden to step out of the villa. This morning, there were a lot of security guards at home spread all around the yard, and Mommy wanted to walk me to the car but the security guards stopped her from stepping outside the door's threshold. Uncle, it seems that Mommy is imprisoned at home. What should I do? What should we do?" While Joe spoke his words he couldn't help himself but cry. He didn't want to see his Mommy suffering so much as she did.  

"Joe, don't worry! You just stay at school and be well-behaved, and I will go to your home and visit your Mommy, " quickly said Wilson.  

"Uncle, you can't go to my home, " immediately replied Joe. He then continued to say, "The security guards won't allow you inside the house. They are very strong and atrocious, and there're too many to defeat."    

"Then what should I do?" After Wilson thought for a moment, he agreed with Joe. What Jackson did wasn't something that could be easily solved.    

"Mommy doesn't have a phone anymore, so she can't contact you, " said Joe, as he thought about the situation better.  

Suddenly, a great idea flashed through his mind. Joe said to Wilson, "Uncle, how about this: you come to our home together with Grandma and Grandpa, and I will figure out a way to ask my Daddy to come back home at night. Daddy will not be surprised if you make a call before you come."    

Wilson thought for some time and found that it was actually a good idea. This way, Jackson wouldn't doubt anything, and would just think that it was a casual visit in the evening.    

"Alright, " said Wilson.    

"Alright!" Hope started to shine in Joe's heart, and he continued to say, "Uncle, you must tell Grandma and Grandpa that under any no circumstances they should express their emotions clearly in front of my father. You must always behave naturally, or otherwise my Daddy will surely suspect that it was me or Mommy who asked you to come." 

 Wilson hastily answered him, "I know, Joe, and if your Mommy isn't happy there, I will take both of you away from there. I won't allow any harm come to you."    

"Uncle, do you think that you have any chance to defeat my Daddy?" suddenly asked Joe.    

Wilson didn't answer this question. 

Joe's words weren't unreasonable, but could he really defeat Jackson? 

Jackson's power had been very clear to him. How could he defeat him?  

Hearing that his Uncle didn't answer him, Joe softly said, "Uncle, we can do what I said first, but I don't yet what my Mommy will think of it. 

After you meet my Mommy tonight, you can ask her opinion and discuss about it. Anyway, I have to be with my Mommy, I won't leave her no matter what!"    

"I know Joe, I know, " replied Wilson.  




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