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Season 3

Episode 12

(Nobody can be trusted)

Back at the villa, Joe, Bill and Lily were all waiting for the couple in the living room.    

Joe then saw his Daddy furiously coming in the house followed by a man, and then by his Mommy.    

He cheerfully ran to his mother, and joyfully cried, "Mommy, Mommy, you're back!"    

But Joe was stopped by Bobby before he had the chance to embrace his mother. He didn't allow Joe to come any closer to Cherry.  

Joe tried to break away from Bobby's grasp, but all of his efforts were in vain.    

"Let me go, let me go, I want my Mommy!" shouted Joe, again and again, but to no avail.    

Bill and Lily didn't have the slightest idea about what had happened, so they just stood like onlookers as they watched the scene.    

Jackson suddenly shouted at his son, "Joe Shen!"    

Joe then immediately became quiet. Looking at the fire burning in his father's eyes and at the terrible expression drawn all over his tensed face, Joe suddenly felt very frightened of him.  

After he saw that Joe was quiet, Jackson turned to look at Bobby, and said, "Bobby, arrange for some security guards to watch over the villa, and she isn't allowed to leave the villa anymore."    

Jackson's words shocked everyone, and Cherry looked at him in despair. Did he want to imprison her in the house?    

"Mr. Jackson, " suddenly said Lily, totally unaware of what had happened between the two of them.  

Why did Jackson do this?  They were always devoted to each other like a loving couple, weren't they? It could be easily seen that he loved Cherry deeply, but what he did now was to restrict Cherry's freedom.  

Jackson then turned his eyes onto Lily and Bill, and said, "Listen to me very carefully: what you need to do is just to prepare the food well for her, and as for you Bill, there will be no need for you to drive her to work anymore, you'll only need to drive Joe to school in the morning. From now on, these are all of your responsibilities."    

Seeing Jackson's angry face, Lily and Bill didn't dare to say a word, and while they nodded their heads, they briefly answered, "We understand."    

Joe seemed to have already known something in his mind, but he wasn't reconciled to it. He eventually got rid of Bobby's grip, and as he turned and walked up to his father, he asked, "Daddy, why do you treat Mommy in such a terrible way?"  

Jackson stared at his son, and word by word, answered him, "You are in no position to know why."    

Joe didn't know what to say to him anymore. He knew little about his father, but he had once thought that his father was different from the rumors that circled around saying that he had an awful character. He had once believed that his father was a loving husband and father, but now he found that he had made a big mistake by believing that.  

"Since you hate my Mommy so much, why did you ask us to come back to you? We had a good time at my Uncle's home! Why did you ask us to come back if you treat us like this?" Joe resisted his father strongly. How could he tolerate his mother losing her freedom without doing anything to help her? He had to do something to improve how things were going.    

Joe's words irritated Jackson badly, and he suddenly grasped his thin arm and coldly said, "Because she's my wife and you're my son, and I asked you to come back home where you belong!"    

When she saw that Jackson grasped Joe's arm, Cherry immediately strode over to him, and without thinking too much, she threw Jackson's hand away from Joe and held her son in her arms, trying to protect him.  

"This is only between us, don't involve our son, " said Cherry in a low voice. She was already too tired to quarrel with Jackson anymore.    

Joe hugged his Mommy tightly, and said to his father, "You aren't allowed to bully my Mommy!"    

Their rebelling and words made Jackson lose his temper even more.    

Jackson frowned, and said, "Cherry, you seemed to be kind to everyone.  Do you want to protect everyone?"  

Cherry didn't answer him, and just held her son tightly in her arms.    Bobby stood aside and looked at Jackson with indifference.    

Jackson's phone then suddenly rang, and after he took it out of his pocket, he saw that Selina was the caller.    

Jackson lowered his voice, trying to hide his anger from Selina, and answered, "Hello."    

"Jackson, are you with Cherry? Why is Cherry's phone powered off?" Selina's voice was clearly heard through the phone's speaker.    

"You don't need to contact her anymore, she won't be coming to work any longer, " said Jackson. 

After that, he hung up, without considering for a moment Selina's thought.  

Jackson glanced at Cherry and Joe, and then turned to walk upstairs.    

When Bobby saw Jackson leave, he considered that he should too.    

Cherry had been pretending to be strong, and it was until there were only Joe, Lily and Bill left in the room that Cherry finally dropped the strong pretense and showed her sadness and exhaustion.    

She fell down on the floor.    

"Mommy, Mommy!" Joe was very scared when he saw his mother fall off her feet, and he hurried to hold her hands.  

"Madam, are you alright?" Lily and Bill also walked to Cherry's side, also very concerned about her state.    

Cherry couldn't help but close her eyes and nod her head trembling. She then slowly opened her eyes, and said to her son, "Mommy is okay. Don't worry."    

Cherry looked at Lily and Bill, and said, "You can go and have a rest, I'm okay, don't worry about me."    

"Madam, can I help you go upstairs?" Lily was very concerned, because Cherry didn't look good at all, and she couldn't possibly leave her side in those terrible moments.  

"Thank you, but Joe will accompany me to go upstairs. It's already very late, and you also need rest, " said Cherry strongly.    

When Lily and Bill saw how persistent Cherry was, they eventually listened to her and left.    Joe helped his Mommy go upstairs and also helped her get into bed. He then also climbed in it and held his mother tight in his arms.    

Jackson lied on his bed alone. He heard the noise coming from the next room and his heart wrung with anguish. When he saw Cherry holding Stephen's hands in the hotel, he was so mad with jealousy that he slapped her. How could he stand to see her in such an intimate way with another man?  

He wasn't thinking straight when he said those awful words to her in the hotel. Although those remarks hadn't come from the bottom of his heart, she maybe believed they did.    
Jackson stared at the ceiling very confused, and didn't know how to deal with the current predicament. 

He didn't know what to do with Cherry. He wanted to hug her and to enjoy her sweet scent as he fell asleep, but instead he had treated her terribly. Would she hate him deeply and never forgive him for it? Was it really possible for her to forgive him?    

In Cherry's room, Joe carefully caressed his Mommy's face. 

Cherry's frowning made him heart rendered, because he knew that his Mommy hurt greatly.  

Joe couldn't help to ask her, "Mommy, are you in pain?"    

Cherry lightly smiled and shook her head.    

He knew that his Mommy was pretending to be strong, because he knew her well. "Mommy, what happened today?"    

Her son's question reminded her of the scene in the hotel and of Jackson's ironic remarks, and an unbearable pain suddenly pierced her heart again.    

Cherry looked at her son, and while she pretended to be strong, she said, "Joe, please remember that you can only trust me. Do you understand what I'm saying?"  

Cherry started to guard herself against Jackson, because it seemed that she knew very little about him. He had too many secrets, and when he was mad, he was just like a demon. He frightened her terribly, and she didn't want Joe to be harmed by him as well.



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