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Season 3

Episode 10

(You're not qualified (1)

Cherry stood behind Stephen, also stunned by his sudden move. She hadn't expected him to defend her against Sally.    

Stephen didn't answer Sally, and instead said, "Let's continue our conversation next time. You can leave here now."    

Sally stared at him with anger in her eyes, and thought in her mind, 'Stephen, how could you lose your judgement in front of this woman? If so, how could we continue with our future plan?'  

Stephen saw that Sally still had no intention to leave. He felt troubled, because he knew Sally well and understood that she wouldn't do anything against her will.    

Stephen then turned around to face Cherry, and in a much softer tone, said, "Let's get out of here."    

He didn't wait for Cherry's reply, and immediately took her arm and was about to leave the office with her.    

When Sally saw them leaving, she suddenly shouted, "Stephen, if she knew all of our things, do you think that she would still go with you?"    

When they heard Sally's words, Stephen and Cherry both suddenly stopped.  

Cherry looked at Stephen and didn't say a word, and instead waited for him to say something.    

Stephen thought for a while and decided that it should be the best for him to keep silent. Eventually, he left with Cherry.    

Cherry walked behind Stephen with her arm in his hand. While they were going down the stairway, Cherry asked, "Where are we going?"    

But Stephen didn't answer her.    

After Cherry waited for him to reply for some time, she curiously looked at him, and found that anger was written all over his face. She then suddenly felt that Stephen wasn't as easygoing as he usually was.  

Cherry understood that she would be annoying if she kept asking Stephen, because at that moment her words were nothing but a background noise for him.    

She decided to be silent, and to just follow Stephen.    

When they walked out of the club, Stephen quickly glanced at the hotel across the street and immediately strode towards it with Cherry.    

Cherry didn't resist him, because she was waiting for him to stop somewhere and to ask him to finally tell her the truth.  

They didn't notice Bobby, who was already standing somewhere not far from the hotel. He kept his eyes on them as they went out of the club and then into the hotel together.    

"Why did you bring me here?" asked Cherry, confused.    

But Stephen still didn't answer her, and instead took a room card from the receptionist and then walked into the elevator with Cherry.    

After some time, Jackson also arrived, and parked his car at the hotel's door. He looked around and saw the other car from his house also parked across the street, so he knew that Bobby's information was correct. There was no doubt about it, Cherry was inside the hotel with Stephen.  

He got out of the car and then saw Bobby walking towards him.    

He walked up to Jackson, and respectfully said to him, "They're inside."    

The anger written on Jackson's face was unfathomable, and he immediately entered the hotel to find them.    

When the receptionist saw Jackson, she immediately got nervous. At that moment, the hotel's manager happened to be inspecting the workers in the lobby, and when he also caught sight of Jackson, he hastily walked up to him.  

The hotel's manager greeted him with a flattering smile on his face, and said, "Mr. Jackson! What brings you here today?"    

But Jackson paid no attention to him, and as he looked at the receptionist, he asked, "Which room is Stephen An in?"    

The receptionist moved her eyes between Jackson and the manager and felt in a dilemma. According to the hotel's rule, all the customers' information was confidential, and couldn't be given away under any circumstances; besides, Stephen also wasn't an ordinary man, and she didn't dare to leak out his information.    

Bobby, who was standing beside Jackson, angrily shouted at her, "Come on already, woman! What're you doing? Do you want this building razed to the ground?"  

The manager shivered with fear when he heard Bobby's words, and he hastily said to the receptionist, "You heard the man! Quick, check it out for Mr. Jackson!"    

The receptionist clicked the computer's mouse for a couple of seconds, and then said, "He's in Room 3206."    

Jackson then reached out his hand.    

The receptionist knew that he was asking for the room card, so she promptly gave him the spare one.    

Jackson then turned around and strode towards the elevator.  

In Room 3206, Stephen was standing beside the window and watching the scenery outside. 

Cherry, who was standing not far away from him, had her eyes focused on his back.    

"Stephen, could you please tell me the truth?" asked Cherry, with confusion clearly heard in her voice. 

She had pinned all of her hopes of knowing about what was happening on Stephen, and if he agreed to tell her, then all of her doubts and questions would be finally answered.    

Stephen continued to stare at the scenery outside, still struggling in his mind. He thought, 'Should I tell her the whole truth? If I tell it to her without Jackson's permission, would he kill me for it?'  

After the long silence between them, Stephen finally asked, "Cherry, are you sure that you want to know about it?"    

"Yes, " replied Cherry without any sort of hesitation. She then slowly moved one step at a time closer to him.    

Stephen turned around to face her, and earnestly said, "I warn you that once you're aware of some things, you might be in danger. Aren't you afraid of that?"    

Cherry shook her head and showed him the determined look in her eyes. She told herself that she wouldn't feel afraid of anything, even if it meant risking her own life. She wanted to accompany Jackson and to go forward with him side by side, because nothing could stop her from loving him.  

"Cherry, I still don't want to let you know. Although everyone including Jackson concealed it from you, they only did it for your own good. It would be better that you don't know about it, " said Stephen, who had hesitated for a long time, eventually deciding not to tell her.




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