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Season 3

Episode 33

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"Is that in compliance with the Company's policy?" Cherry's brows knitted questioningly as she asked Selina.    

"Of course! I'll make the arrangements right away." With these words, Selina turned and left Cherry's office.    

As Selina left, Cherry felt relieved that Selina was getting her some help for the daunting work.  

Cherry's cell phone suddenly rang, when she was about to get a glass of water for herself. She took out of her cell phone and saw Wilson's name on the screen.    

Cherry answered the phone, "Hello, Wilson."    

"Hello, are you busy right now, Cherry?" Wilson asked in a soft, gentle manner.    

"Not too busy, " Cherry said into the phone. She wondered whether he was calling for what they had spoken about recently.    

"Hey, are you calling because you have news for what we talked about before?"    

Wilson pondered for a while before he spoke, "Cherry, would it be convenient for you to meet me? We should discuss this in person."  

Cherry hesitated, looked at her watch before finally agreeing, "Okay. 

Let's meet at the cafe near your work, in say, half an hour."    

"Okay, see you then, "    

Cherry hung the phone up, sorted the documents littering her desk and then went to find Selina.    

As she got to Selina's office, Selina was headed out, a pile of documents in hand, to attend an upper-level meeting. Cherry called out as neared, "Selina, sorry, something urgent came up and I have to leave."  

Selina nodded as she shifted papers, "Okay, go take care of your matter."    

"Thanks Selina. I need to meet with Wilson. I haven't finished the papers I was working on, so, I'll come in early tomorrow to finish up." Cherry politely let Selina know.    

Selina took Cherry's arm in a comforting manner and smiling reassured Cherry, "It's okay. Don't worry, after my meeting, I'll be able to find a qualified vice inspector general so you won't be so stressed or have as much work as now."    

"Thank you Selina, I really appreciate your help." Cherry nodded.  

Cherry saw Jackson getting out of his car as she exited the building. 

She was a little surprised and wondered what Jackson was doing here.    

Cherry walked over to Jackson inquiring, "Jackson, what brings you to the JS Group?"    

Jackson immediately embraced Cherry in a warm hug; there was love and tenderness reflected in his eyes. He lovingly said, "I just wanted to see you. How's work going?"    

Actually, Jackson had been worried whether Cherry was in danger and wanted to make sure she was safe.  

"Work is good so far. I just started though, and there're a lot I need to become familiar with, which is going to take time, " Cherry told him.    

Jackson noticed Cherry seemed in a hurry, prompting him to ask, "What's the matter? Is it something urgent?"    

"Yes, " Cherry responded nodding, "I need to meet with Wilson; we have something to discuss."    

"Wilson?" Jackson was puzzled and wondered why Cherry would need to meet Wilson, and why the hurry. 

"Do you want me to go with you?" asked Jackson.    

Cherry shook her head frowning, "No, you don't have to. I can meet Wilson alone. Could you please pick Joe up at school? I am worried about him."  

Jackson was worried about their son too, seeing Cherry was safe and knowing she would be safe with Wilson, he agreed.    

"Okay. Once you finish up with Wilson, come straight home; I'll be there waiting for you." Jackson told Cherry as he dotingly stroked her hair.    

"Okay, " Cherry agreed, nodding up at him with a smile.    

Cherry said goodbye and drove to the cafe. She saw Wilson waving right away, and joined him, sitting opposite at the little table where he was sitting.  

"Hey Wilson, what's up?" Cherry asked as she sat down, unable to hold back her curiosity.    

Wilson didn't answer right away, instead, he stared at her for a while before saying, "Everything is okay with your father. I'll take care of him."    

"What about my sister? Have you got any information concerning about her?" Cherry's voice wavered with nervous anticipation as she looked at Wilson eagerly.    

Wilson shook his head frowning, "I couldn't find her whereabouts. All of her information appears just to stop five years ago when she left."  

"Wilson, did you check the airline records? Or something else, like maybe traffic records?" Cherry rambled quickly. She was sure Jean was nearby, but she didn't know where exactly.    

Wilson shook his head, "I checked them all, there isn't any information at all for her."    

Cherry was lost in thought, mulling Wilson's information over. She frowned, knitting her brows she stated firmly, "Impossible. She must be in this city, which means, there has to be a trail somewhere."    

Wilson had a thought and ask Cherry, "Wait, do you think it is possible that she used a false identity?"  

Wilson's words shocked Cherry, she hadn't considered that and shuddered as she thought, 'Wilson could be right. If Jean used a fake identity, no matter how hard we try, it'll be impossible for us to find her.'    
Wilson interrupted Cherry's thoughts, pouring his concerns out, "Cherry, it seems to me you have been entangled in some evil conspiracy. You probably shouldn't have returned to the Chu Family."    

"Wilson, why do you think that?" A dazed Cherry asked, her voice held a note of confusion. Cherry contemplated, 'I'm back home with Jackson; I love him and want Joe to have a healthy, complete family life. 

I hadn't considered there could be a conspiracy of some kind though. Be that as it may, if something bad happens to Jackson, I want to be with him to face it all. Now I need to know what happened to Jackson that year and why he refuses to let Sally leave. He said he didn't love Sally at all, so why does he still want Sally around? I just need to know the facts.'  



  1. This is getting more complicated. Jackson is worried, the same with stephen even though he is hidding something. Thanks author



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