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Season 5

Episode 9

(A Look in Her Eyes, The Love of His Whole Life (9)

“It’s 4:10 now. I need to call her to see where she is.”

Qin Zhi’ai stood at the door, in total shock. She suddenly recovered when she heard what Zhou Jing said. She immediately took her cell phone out of her purse. Right after setting it on silent, Zhou Jing’s call came in.

She did not immediately answer. Instead, she quickly walked to the nearby restroom with her suitcase and stood by a wall. With her eyes closed, she took a deep breath before answering.

While raising the phone to her ear, she heard Zhou Jing say right away, “Where are you?”

“I’m in the elevator. I’ll be there soon.” What she had heard while eavesdropping just outside room 201 kept playing relentlessly in her head. She could barely keep her voice steady. After answering Zhou Jing’s question, she hung up before she could say anything more. Qin Zhi’ai slowly slid down against the wall and squatted on the floor.

She had to leave today, even though while trying to save others he had ended up in a coma.

Her sadness had lingered all the way back to Beijing. She had not had the time to wait for him to wake up from the coma. She had not had the time to ask the question, “Gu Yusheng, do you like me?”

She did not expect to hear that recording when she got back to Beijing.

What Zhou Jing said had not really embarrassed her, but Gu Yusheng’s casual comments had.

“Why are you even joking about that? How could I fall for her?”

His tone had been casual, cold, and disdainful. Lu Bancheng had said Gu Yusheng must have fallen for his wife, but the latter made that sound ridiculous. It had hurt her even more than if he had said directly that he did not like her.

“You think too much. I’m only interested in her body. She was good in bed. Other than that, I have no other intentions.”

This was what he really thought of her. He was only interested in her body. She was good in bed.

She had never been confident in this relationship. In fact, her insecurity had been extreme, to the point she had never even wished for much less expected him to like her.

If she had not found that ring in the grass by accident, she would have never even considered the possibility that he might like her a little.

She wished she had never thought of it. If she hadn’t, she would never have had any expectations and would not have been so hurt by his words.

It was no different than pushing her from heaven to hell.

This time, just as eight years ago, she still overthought and dreamed too much.

He was a lot nicer to her, but it did not mean he liked her.

He had prepared a ring. It might have been because Liang Doukou was his legal wife. He was supposed to give her one.

And also just as eight years ago, he had sent her home without asking for her address. He had fought with Jiang Qianqian’s brother for her. He had given her his phone number.

She had thought he was nice, but what happened later?

He had ditched her twice. She did not know he had given her a fake number on purpose until eight years later. He did not want to be bothered.

In terms of little troublemaker, hadn’t he given her another nickname—little lovemaker?





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