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Season 5

Episode 8

(A Look In Her Eyes, The Love Of His Whole Lifetime (8)

After Qin Zhi’ai had parked the car, she sat quietly in the car for a moment. Then she took out her car keys, got out of the car, and took her luggage out of the trunk. She entered the elevator, going to the room that Zhou Jing had told her about.

It was room 201, at the end of the second floor of the clubhouse.

It was very quiet in the corridor, for there was not even a waiter, only the sound of her suitcase rolling across the clean ground.

The door of the room was left ajar. Qin Zhi’ai could already hear Zhou Jing’s laughter before she reached the door.

She didn’t pay much attention to their conversation, just looked down to the ground with her eyes a little red and swollen. She went to the door and raised her hand. As soon as she was ready to open the door, she heard Zhou Jing’s contemptuous words. “Xiaokou, don’t worry about it. Certainly that poor little girl isn’t a threat to you. There’s no doubt that Gu Yusheng won’t take her seriously…”

Qin Zhi’ai abruptly stopped pushing on the door. Immediately came the voice of Liang Doukou. “How do you know that Gu Yusheng is just fooling around with her? What if he takes her seriously?”

“Of course he won’t. I came across Gu Yusheng and Lu Bancheng having breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel some time ago, and I unintentionally heard what they were talking about…” As Zhou Jing spoke, something seemed to occur to her. “Oh, I recorded their conversation. Wait a minute, let me play it for you…”

After Zhou Jing had said that, from a recorder, Qin Zhi’ai heard a rustling sound followed by Lu Bancheng’s voice. “Brother Sheng, are you really that fond of her?”

As if Zhou Jing were afraid that Liang Doukou hadn’t understood, she explained. “That her refers to you.”

Hardly had Zhou Jing’s voice faded away when Qin Zhi’ai heard the snorting laughter coming from Gu Yusheng. “Lu Bancheng, are you kidding? How could I possibly like her?”

“But you have sex with her, right? Or you did a long time ago? At least, it was before that time you picked her up and sent her to the Four Seasons Hotel, right? If you don’t like her now, then why would you make love to her?”

The recording had been silent for a few seconds when Gu Yusheng’s careless tone came out. “You’re overthinking it. I’m just interested in her body. It’s not a problem to sleep with her, but there’s nothing more. With her, I really have no other intentions.”

When the recording was over, Zhou Jing talked again. “So just relax. Don’t take that poor little girl seriously. It’s quite obvious that Gu Yusheng just wants to screw her and nothing more. Besides, it’s normal for most men to mess around with other girls, let alone Gu Yusheng. Did you really expect him to be your lifetime partner and only be with you?”

“Of course not. I don’t care what he’s doing.” After Liang Doukou had heard the recording, her worried tone from just before was obviously becoming more relaxed.

“Then just forget about it. It’s better for Gu Yusheng to have sex with her than other girls when you aren’t with him. What’s more, perhaps the other girls are dirty! And maybe that poor little girl hasn’t realized that she’s just a tool for his pleasure. Maybe she stupidly thought Gu Yusheng would love her when he was being gentle to her or cared about her or said something nice to her…” As Zhou Jing spoke, she sneered contemptuously.

Having heard Zhou Jing’s sneering, Liang Doukou also chuckled a bit, then her tone changed to a softer one. “Well, let’s not gossip about the poor little substitute any more. It’s already 4:30 pm, and she could arrive at any time. Things would get screwed up if she heard this.”



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