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Season 5

Episode 68

(Check Her File (8)

About two months ago, when Lu Bancheng had gone to Shanghai, he’d had a meal with Gu Yusheng. During the meal, Lu Bancheng had mentioned that it had been boring to focus on the investment of entertainment excursions all day, so he had wanted to try something new.

At the time, they were just chatting, and Gu Yusheng had asked, “What’s new to play with?”

Lu Bancheng had happened to be playing games on his cell phone, so he answered casually. “Mobile games.”

Neither Gu Yusheng nor Lu Bancheng had cared too much about that suggestion. However, tonight when Gu Yusheng had heard that the girl student had said she was going to apply for a job in a gaming company, he brought up the conversation he’d had with Lu Bancheng.

Gu Yusheng had changed topics so fast that Lu Bancheng couldn’t keep up. Confused, he asked, “What?” After a few moments, Lu Bancheng realized what he had meant. “You want to invest in mobile games? In recent years, the mobile games industry has developed quite well, but I’m unfamiliar with it, so it’s a bit troublesome…”

“Then just do it.” Gu Yusheng’s tone was calm, as if he’d known it would be a piece of cake. “I’ll do it with you.”

Lu Bancheng thought Gu Yusheng wasn’t serious, so he didn’t think too much of it as he asked, “Really?”

Gu Yusheng took a sip of black tea and continued speaking with a relaxed voice. “It’s okay. Even if we haven’t learned everything about it yet, we can just purchase a company.”

Lu Bancheng, surprised, looked up at Gu Yusheng’s eyes. Does he really mean it?

Gu Yusheng had indeed meant it. “I’ve heard about a company called Hui Shi, which had been specializing in mobile games in recent years. It hasn’t been listed yet, but its prospects are good. If you agree, tomorrow, I’ll arrange a meeting between Xiaowang and the company owner, and make a purchase.”

Hui Shi… Lu Bancheng had always loved playing games, so he knew a bit about it. Ah, it truly is a good company.

For Gu Yusheng, the Gu Company and the new company in Shanghai had developed exceptionally well.

Even if Hui Shi is very promising, Gu Yusheng wouldn’t pay much attention to it, right? Why would he suddenly want to invest in it? When a company is at its peak, it seems irrational to purchase it…

Lu Bancheng thought about it for a few seconds, but still couldn’t understand what Gu Yusheng was thinking. “Why did you suddenly think of purchasing that company?”

Gu Yusheng glanced leisurely at Lu Bancheng, then looking down, slowly swallowed a mouthful of black tea without answering his question.

“And you know, it’s not a good time for purchasing. You should at least wait until Hui Shi’s games aren’t so hot and stocks have relaxed a bit, then it may cost much less…”

Lu Bancheng hadn’t finished speaking when Gu Yusheng, who’d been staring at the dark red liquid in his teacup absentmindedly, suddenly said, “I’ve waited too long, and I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“What?” Lu Bancheng asked in disbelief.

Gu Yusheng didn’t reply. He regained his sights and composure, put down his teacup, and slowly said, “It’s settled. Tomorrow, I will leave for Shanghai alone, and Xiaowang will stay in Beijing for a meeting with someone in charge of Hui Shi.”

After a pause, Gu Yusheng spoke again. “It’s getting late now, I’ll take you back to rest.”

“There’s no need for that, I’ll just take a taxi myself.” Lu Bancheng took out his cell phone to call for a ride.

Once Lu Bancheng had gone, Gu Yusheng sat on the sofa of the cafe for a while. A few moments later, he got up to sign the bill, then went back to the room upstairs.

After bathing, he stood in front of the french window, lit a cigarette, and smoked restfully.



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