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Season 5

Episode 38

(I Only Thought of One Future (8)

The lights in the bathroom lit up the entire bedroom. All Lu Bancheng saw was Gu Yusheng’s cold face. Apart from Gu Yusheng’s eyes being a little red, there was no trace of his crying at all, and even his voice was pretty normal. “It’s getting late. Go back and have an early night. I’m a little tired, too.”

Lu Bancheng stared at Gu Yusheng for a moment, then lightly nodded his head, stood up, and left.

It wasn’t until the sound of the Lu Bancheng’s car had faded that Gu Yusheng walked slowly to his bedside from the bathroom, lying down on his back on the bed.

The light in the bathroom lit up his face, making his eyes hurt a little bit. He raised his hand to block the light so that his eyes could feel a little more comfortable, but after a little while, he felt upset deep down.

His and her love story had begun in the early summer, when flowers had bloomed, while it had ended in the late autumn, when a frosty early snow had come.

For a short period of half a year, he had met the warmest existence of his life, had lost the most precious things in his life, and had received everlasting pain in turn.

How would he live without her for the rest of his long life?

Should I muddle along like before? Should I be merciless and senseless with no sorrow or pain?

It seems that this is the only way. Without her, I can live any kind of life. Anyway, life without her is dull and boring.

The rest of his life would be too long, but he was used to feeling like his life had come to an end.

Qin Zhi’ai hadn’t seen her mother in a long time. With only two months left until the Spring Festival, Qin Zhi’ai had just left Gu Yusheng, and her mood wasn’t very stable. Her father’s debts could be paid off, and after enduring for such a long time, she could finally live a normal life, so she wanted to give herself a long vacation. Thus, with her application submitted to the West University, she filled out the date of return to the school as the start date of the new term after the winter holiday.

Her application was soon approved by the university.

Qin Zhi’ai had basically finished all her duties in Beijing before the new year.

She had no residence in Beijing and had been living in a hotel for a few days. After receiving a reply from the university, she would have gone directly to Hangzhou by train to see her mother and Qin Jiayan in the afternoon.

But before booking the train ticket, she received a call from Xu Wennuan. Xu Wennuan told her that she had finished all her work at SH Finance and Economics and was going back to Beijing soon. Because she didn’t want to live with her parents, and she wanted to rent a house on her own, she asked if Qin Zhi’ai wanted to live with her.

Qin Zhi’ai had been worried about whether she should live in a dormitory or find a house with a bedroom near the school after the New Year. Now when she heard Xu Wennuan’s proposal, she immediately said “yes” without hesitation.

Xu Wennuan wouldn’t get to Beijing until two days after, and she had no place to live, but Qin Zhi’ai was in Beijing now, so after hanging up, she directly contacted a rental company and began to select a suitable house.

She was very lucky. The second house she found that afternoon was very cost-effective in terms of its location, size, and price. She took some photos and sent them to Xu Wennuan. After receiving her affirmation, Qin Zhi’ai immediately signed the contract.

It was only five o’clock in the afternoon when she was given the keys to the house. Qin Zhi’ai, who had nothing else to do, contacted a cleaning company to thoroughly clean the house she had just rented.

By the time everything was finished, it was already eleven in the evening. Qin Zhi’ai went to a fast-food restaurant at the entrance of the residential area and had a bowl of noodles. After she was full, she returned to the rented house and began to pack up the things she would take to Hangzhou the next morning.




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