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Season 5

Episode 65

(Check Her File (5)

It was a call from Jiang Qianqian.

The moment Wu Hao left, someone walked toward Qin Zhi’ai and Xu Wennuan.

The two of them were whispering with each other about Wu Hao’s proposal to Xu Wennuan. They were so engaged in their planning of the Valentine’s Day wedding that neither of them noticed someone taking a seat next to them.

Xu Wennuan and Wu Hao had dated for nine years. Finally, they were going to tie the knot. Qin Zhi’ai was ecstatic for Xu Wennuan.

Everyone has crushes when they’re young, but how many of them end up actually marrying their high school sweetheart?

The love between these two is the sweetest I’ve ever witnessed.

She turned her head sideways and looked at Xu Wennuan with smiles. She said enthusiastically, “Nuannuan, you are getting married next year. I’m going to give you a huge wedding gift.”

“Great.” Xu Wennuan happily accepted, then she remembered something. Her face became serious, and she said, “Xiao’ai, you’re not getting any younger yourself. Maybe you should think about getting married, too.” She leaned closer. “Tell me the truth. Is there someone you like?”

Were Xu Wennuan and Wu Hao not a couple, Qin Zhi’ai would definitely tell her who she liked—Gu Yusheng.

If she told Xu Wennuan, though, she might tell Wu Hao, who would certainly tell Gu Yusheng. Qin Zhi’ai avoided eye contact and lied, “No.”

It was then that she noticed Gu Yusheng sitting not far from her. She had no idea when he had sat down.

Leaning back on the sofa with his eyes closed, he looked tired. His face was expressionless, and his hand rested over his cell phone next to him.

Stealing a glance at Gu Yusheng, Qin Zhi’ai said to Xu Wennuan, “I’m not in the mood to think about relationships. After Chinese New Year, I’m graduating. I need to finish my paper and find an internship.”

“You’re right. What kind of internship are you looking for? Why don’t you come to our start-up and work with us? Or I can hit up Wu Hao’s friends for you.”

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“No, thanks. I’ve applied and already heard back from a few of them. I even have an interview next Wednesday at three.”

“Which company?”

“Hui Shi, the game company. You play one of their games, too.” Qin Zhi’ai continued, “I did some research. Hui Shi just developed a few new games, and they’re doing well. I think they’ve got a future.”

Gu Yusheng, sitting by himself, appeared to be sleeping. He slowly opened his eyes and turned to look at Qin Zhi’ai.

His eyes lingered on her before he finally looked away and closed his eyes again. He didn’t seem to have heard anything. In fact, he seemed not to be hearing anything going on around him.

It was already 11:00 p.m. when they were ready to go home.

Wu Hao drove Qin Zhi’ai and Xu Wennuan home, and Lu Bancheng had drunk so much that Gu Yusheng gave him a ride home.

Gu Yusheng’s plan was to drop off Lu Bancheng and leave. He drove at ease with one hand loosely on the steering wheel. As he was approaching Lu Bancheng’s corner, he glanced over at him and asked, “Hey, you want to go hang out at the cafe in my hotel for a while?”



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