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Season 5

Episode 64

(Check Her File (4)

The song she had ordered was The End Point, which she had sung to Gu Yusheng once before.

Memories seemed to be poisonous and intangible.

If she hadn't happened to meet him today, the song would still remain forgotten in the deepest part of her heart.

Their unexpected meeting had stirred up her peace although she had spent the whole night happily with Xu Wennuan, and it seemed that nothing had happened. It was only when she became distracted that she felt sad, and being a little drunk, she had ordered the song.

If he hadn't been there, she would have sung the song without hesitation, but there was something she couldn't let him know. Although this song wouldn't necessarily make him aware of something, I'd better be careful. 

After realizing this, Qin Zhi'ai quickly stretched out her hand to stop Xu Wennuan who was about to activate the karaoke machine. "I don't want to sing now, I just want to eat something..."

Qin Zhi'ai turned her head and pointed to the nuts, fruit plates, and duck necks on the marble table nearby. "Let's sit over there for a while."  


The box room was very large, but the only people seated at the table were Qin Zhi'ai and Xu Wennuan.

Everyone else gathered at the card table in front of the french window playing dice, and if anyone lost, they had to sing a song as punishment. They seemed to be very happy and lively.

Gu Yusheng stood quietly in front of the french window next to Lu Bancheng and Wu Hao. There were several other people that Qin Zhi'ai couldn't name, but she had met them before. When Gu Yusheng had left for Shanghai, they were the people who sent him off.

Several people were talking, appearing relaxed as the smoke of their cigarettes blurred their figures.

Wu Hao and one of the men left the box room together, seemingly to find a restroom. After returning, Wu Hao stood at the door and looked around, as if he had been looking for someone.

When he saw the girls, he walked towards them. He took a seat next to Xu Wennuan and reached out his arms to hold her. "Why did you two sit here?"

Xu Wennuan turned her head and sweetly smiled at Wu Hao. "Xiao'ai said she was hungry, so we came here to eat something."

Wu Hao glanced at the duck necks in Qin Zhi'ai's hand. "Let me ask the waiter to give you a warm drink."

Qin Zhi'ai had her mouth full and couldn't speak, so she shook her head a few times.

"Well, if you want something to eat, call the waiter directly." Wu Hao's cell phone suddenly rang. When he took it out, Xu Wennuan, leaning on his shoulder, looked up and asked, "Who's calling?"

Wu Hao stared at the name "Jiang Qianqian" on the screen and did not answer.

Xu Wennuan was curious, so she looked down at Wu Hao's phone. He quickly silenced the call and put the phone into his pocket. "It's just an advertising call."

Xu Wennuan didn't think much about it. She answered "Oh," and leaned on Wu Hao's shoulder in a flirtatious way, continuing to chat with Qin Zhi'ai about the hot Korean TV series they had previously mentioned.

Wu Hao sat beside them for a while, and when they stopped talking, he spoke up. "I'm going to go to the restroom."

"Okay." Xu Wennuan sat upright, moving away from Wu Hao's shoulder.

Wu Hao gently touched her head, got up, and stepped out of the room. When he closed the door, he took out his cellphone that had been vibrating in his pocket and answered the call.



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