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Season 5

Episode 60

(Hello, My Name Is Qin Zhi’ai (10)

The interviewer was a girl student who greatly admired Gu Yusheng. After she had finished asking the questions she had prepared prior, she was reluctant to stop. She attempted to think of other questions to ask, which by the end, had nothing to do with the topic of the lecture.

Gu Yusheng stood on the stage with great elegance and maintained the same expression the whole time. On the other hand, Qin Zhi’ai, seated in the auditorium, noticed his impatience each time he looked down.

Due to his upbringing and grace, he always had an official smile on his face.

It was just that the questions asked by the girl student were more and more improper, even touching on private topics.

Gu Yusheng’s smile gradually faded away, and there was a touch of coldness in his eyes. Qin Zhi’ai was afraid that there would be some problems, so she rushed to the stage and interrupted the girl’s continuous questions. “Excuse me, miss, the interview time is almost over. Mr. Gu still has other things to do.”

After that, Qin Zhi’ai turned to Gu Yusheng and continued, “Mr. Gu, President Chen is waiting for you in Xiang Hall. I’ll go with you.”

He had an appointment in the evening, so he had intended to refuse her offer, but when he heard the words “I’ll go with you,” he thought about it for a moment. Did she mean that she would accompany me for dinner?

Gu Yusheng slightly nodded his head and replied, “Okay.”

Although it was only a word, his expression and tone were not as cold as they had been during his interview with the girl student in the moments prior.

Xiang Hall was located in the university and Xiaowang was responsible for representing Gu Yusheng’s part in this activity. Without knowing where Xiaowang was as he left the conference hall, Gu Yusheng gave Xiaowang a call and told him to go to Xiang Hall later. After hanging up the phone, he said to Qin Zhi’ai, “Let’s go.”

The conference hall was a little far from Xiang Hall. After they had walked half of the way in silence, Gu Yusheng, who had been following Qin Zhi’ai, suddenly asked, “Your name is Qin Zhi’ai?”

Whether eight months prior or eight months later, Gu Yusheng had always ignored her when they had met. Now that had spoken to her suddenly, she felt somewhat surprised. She looked back at Gu Yusheng and answered, “Yes.”

Last year, Xu Wennuan had taken her to meet him once, and Wu Hao had also introduced her to him by name. That day, when she had caught a taxi after dinner, she had met him and talked with him for a while.

But according to his tone, he seemed to have forgotten my name.

After answering, Qin Zhi’ai inevitably had a touch of sadness deep down.

“How many years have you studied at the West University?” Qin Zhi’ai thought that he wouldn’t speak with her further, but unexpectedly, he asked another question.

“I spent four years as an undergraduate and three years as a postgraduate.”

“Oh.” After saying this word, Gu Yusheng did not speak any more. He looked straight ahead with seriousness, as if he were thinking about something.

Then they headed to Xiang Hall in complete silence.

President Chen, with a group of leaders of the university, had been waiting early at the door of the hall.

As soon as they saw Gu Yusheng, they enthusiastically gathered around him and exchanged greetings.

However, Qin Zhi’ai, who was only in charge of reception, was not qualified to sit down with the school’s top officials for dinner for any reason. As soon as she finished accompanying Gu Yusheng’s walk there, she was basically ignored by them. After they entered Xiang Hall, she had finally finished her heavy work and breathed a sigh of relief, then rushed towards the school gate.

As she waited for the bus to go home, she received a call from Xu Wennuan.



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