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Season 5

Episode 5

(A Look In Her Eyes, The Love Of His Whole Lifetime (5)

After a while, the room became quiet again. The sound of her typing had stopped, and Gu Yusheng thought that little troublemaker must have finished texting.

She rested her head on his arm again, not moving at all.

They were the only people in the ward, and it was so quiet that he seemed to have been able to hear the sound of her breathing.

The day was bright, and the sunlight passed through the windows, shining onto the bed.

Another text message sounded twice. It was as if it were a brief, musical interlude that sent them back into the peaceful and happy mood.

Gu Yusheng was so relaxed that his body became a little sluggish. The loss of energy combined with the medicinal effects caused him to slowly lose consciousness, becoming overwhelmed by sleepiness.

As he was about to fall asleep, the girl moved her head slightly against his arm, bringing her face much closer to his.

Gu Yusheng suddenly woke up. He so badly wanted to open his eyes to take a look at what she had been reading, but his eyelids felt too heavy, as if they were being held shut by a weight. He struggled through a few attempts to open them, but he failed.

He felt her slightly cold fingers on his face, gently caressing his eyebrows and eyes, then slowly sliding down to his nose and lips.

Gu Yusheng’s body tensed up and he was left breathless, unsure of whether he was feeling nervous or aroused.

She had her hand on his face for quite a long time before moving it away, and he felt that she had moved her head closer to his.

His heart raced furiously, and his breathing became irregular. He felt the shadow of her head on his face as her soft lips very slowly and gently pressed upon his eyebrows.

In that moment, Gu Yusheng felt his blood flow suddenly stop in what felt like a fairytale.

She seemed to be a little shy as her lips trembled, resting on his forehead for quite a long time before she moved down to his eyes, laying many kisses upon his face. Her lips felt warm and soft, which made his lips curl into a smile. He felt as if he could hear flowers blooming.

She finally pressed her lips onto his.

The soft and warm feeling of her precious lips made him feel lightheaded.

She clumsily kissed him for a long time before unwillingly stopping. She tucked her head on his left shoulder right beneath his head, and her breaths had become short. She was like a cute little cat, rubbing his neck, then she whispered into his left ear. It felt more like she was blowing warm air, attempting to tickle him with her voice. “Yusheng.”


The soft voice was quite different than the voice she had before, and it sounded like a completely different person.

Oh, no, little troublemaker usually sounded like Liang Doukou. Had she been trying to copy her all along? Was it her real voice that he had heard in this moment?

The voice she spoke with was soft and gentle, as attractive as her eyes.

Gu Yusheng suddenly wanted to hold her under his arm and he struggled for a while, but he could only hold her hand tighter in the end.

She seemed to feel it, and her body became stiff for a moment as she rested her head against his left shoulder, motionless. Then she moved her body closer to his, spooning Gu Yusheng.

Her eagerness and willingness to get closer to him made his heart melt. He wasn’t fully there, resting somewhere between consciousness and sleep, which made the scene like a slow-motion movie.

She was with him, as close as she could be. Her cuddling and their intimacy made him feel at peace.





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