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Season 5

Episode 42

(The Unforgettable Deep Love (2)

Isn’t that the custom-made ring? The one I made a special trip to Britain for to buy it for Gu Yusheng?

How could it have been sent to him by someone else through express delivery?

He bought the ring for Liang Doukou’s substitute… Could it have been sent back by that substitute?

No wonder he just ran out in such a hurry… He must have inquired about the contact information of that substitute. After returning, his expression was so calm and dull, it seemed like nothing had been found…

Lu Bancheng stared for a while at Gu Yusheng, who was carefully looking through the documents, and asked, “Are you still going out tonight?”

Gu Yusheng was staring at the documents and asked casually, “Where would I go?” Then he realized that Lu Bancheng was referring to going to a restaurant for dinner. He then nodded and answered in a very careless tone, “Sure.”

“Oh.” Lu Bancheng continued to look Gu Yusheng up and down a few more times. He didn’t find any signs of sadness and loneliness on him, so he leaned back on the sofa and said what he had just been about to say. “I’ve booked the table, and the reservation is for seven o’clock in the evening.”

Gu Yusheng hummed without moving his sight off the documents.

That night, Lu Bancheng drove Gu Yusheng to have dinner.

On the way, Gu Yusheng answered a phone call from a partnering company in the United States. He talked with them in English fluently for about twenty minutes, and what he had said was quite clear and logical.

He seemed so rational that Lu Bancheng thought that he hadn’t been affected by the ring that had been suddenly sent to his office.

Earlier on, Lu Bancheng had felt at ease due to Gu Yusheng’s calm and indifferent reaction. But this time, he felt worried when Gu Yusheng acted so rational, because Gu Yusheng was so rational that it made him feel like in the next second, Gu Yusheng would break down entirely.

However, to his surprise, Gu Yusheng was much more leisurely than he had been earlier during their dinner.

It wasn’t until the end of the meal that Lu Bancheng completely admitted that he had speculated too much.

Leaving the restaurant, Lu Bancheng drove away, controlling the steering wheel with one hand. After leaving the parking lot, he asked Gu Yusheng, who was sitting in the passenger seat, “Shall we go back home?”

“Go to the company.” Gu Yusheng looked at him and said in a smooth tone, “There’s still something that needs to be done.”

Lu Bancheng didn’t say anything else, just drove directly to Gu Yusheng’s company.

But Lu Bancheng didn’t drive to the underground parking lot. He parked the car on the roadside. After Gu Yusheng got out, he slowly stepped on the accelerator and drove home.

As Lu Bancheng drove near his house, it occurred to him that he had left a very important document in Gu Yusheng’s office that he would need for a meeting at 8:00 o’clock the next morning.

Gu Yusheng is working overtime in the company now. I’m afraid it wouldn’t be good to go to the company too early tomorrow.

Lu Bancheng hesitated for a moment, then turned around and returned to Gu Yusheng’s company.

After parking his car, he took the elevator to the top floor of Gu Yusheng’s company.

Except for the lights in Gu Yusheng’s office, it was dark everywhere.

Lu Bancheng turned on two lights casually, and his familiarity with Gu Yusheng’s office allowed him to get there quickly.

Maybe because no one was working overtime at the company, Gu Yusheng’s office door wasn’t closed, but half open.

As he approached, Lu Bancheng heard a song coming from the office.

Aren’t you working overtime? Then why are you singing?

As Lu Bancheng thought about it, he poked his head into the office, then he froze in place, as if one of his pressure points had been hit.

Holding the ring in his hand, Gu Yusheng was leaning over the desk with his shoulders slightly trembling.



  1. I would have said this is d punishment for his past sins but he doesn't deserve this. It's too much 😭😭

  2. Oh my God, please pity this nigga

  3. Adeola adeniran Ahmodu7 August 2020 at 18:39

    What a pity.



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