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Season 5

Episode 40

(I Only Thought Of One Future (10)

Except for the fact that Gu Yusheng hadn’t completely recovered, and his face was a little pale, it seemed that everything was fine with him. Whether he was at a meeting or negotiating with his clients, his words were always well-organized and logical.

Lu Bancheng had been worried at first, but after observing him carefully for several days, he found that Gu Yusheng always acted calm. Only then did Lu Bancheng gradually relax.

Even one day before, when Gu Yusheng had been at a dinner party with Lu Bancheng, someone had played a guessing game with Gu Yusheng and said that whoever lost the game would be forced to buy the other three drinks.

When Gu Yusheng was in a bad mood, he always ignored others. It had only been a few days after Liang Doukou’s substitute had left, so Lu Bancheng thought that this guy was just inviting trouble.

However, Gu Yusheng, lazily sitting at the main table, looked up and casually said, “Okay.”

Lu Bancheng had looked at Gu Yusheng in surprise, and then he had seen that Gu Yusheng and the guy were actually playing that game.

The winner had to win two out of three rounds.

Gu Yusheng had lost the game.

The stitches used to suture the cuts on his head hadn’t been taken out yet. Before that guy had poured his wine, Lu Bancheng had said, “Brother Sheng hasn’t completely recovered from his injuries, so it’s not good for him to drink.”

“Then what’s to be done?” The guy who had played with Gu Yusheng hadn’t forced him to drink, but had put down the bottle and thought about it for a while. He probably had drunk a little more than them and had been emboldened by the drink. He had felt fearless due to his drunkenness, saying, “How about Master Gu sings a song?”

To be honest, Lu Bancheng hadn’t heard Gu Yusheng sing in front of others in many years. Thus, he had thought Gu Yusheng would refuse, but once again, outside of his expectations, Gu Yusheng agreed to sing.

There was karaoke connected to the restaurant. Since Gu Yusheng had agreed, someone had immediately asked the waiter to turn on the microphone and equipment to order songs.

Sitting in his seat, Gu Yusheng had taken the equipment and looked at it mechanically for a while before pressing on the remote.

Subsequently, pleasant and moving music came on.

Gu Yusheng had been sitting in his seat without moving, waiting for about twenty seconds before he had gotten up. Then he had taken the microphone, starting to sing.

That song had originally been sung by a female star, but Gu Yusheng had a good voice and had sung it in a different, but still charming, way.

After that, he had stood under the lights holding the microphone for a while. The look on his face had been very calm, and his eyes had been watery. No one had known what he had been thinking. Finally, someone had begun to applaud him, and he had turned around and handed the microphone to the waiter standing by his side. Then he had walked back to the table and taken his seat again.

Sitting next to him, Lu Bancheng had looked at him several times, thinking, Tonight, Gu Yusheng is in the mood to enjoy our activities, and it seems that he’s having a much easier time getting over his sadness than I imagined.

Two days later, Lu Bancheng knew that he had been wrong. Gu Yusheng hadn’t gotten over the sadness, and he probably never would.

That day, he happened to have something to deal with, so he had gone to Gu Yusheng’s company.

It was five o’clock in the evening when all the matters had been settled.

There was only one hour left in the workday, and both he and Gu Yusheng had no appointments in the evening. He laid on the sofa in Gu Yusheng’s redecorated office and said, “I know a good place. Why don’t we go there for dinner tonight?”

Gu Yusheng was browsing documents on the computer, his left hand holding his chin. There was no special expression on his face. After hearing these words, he said “okay” without even looking at Lu Bancheng.





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