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Season 5

Episode 4

(A Look In Her Eyes, The Love Of His Whole Lifetime(4)

At that moment, a question flashed unexpectedly and suddenly through his mind. It was the question that Lu Bancheng had asked him that morning when her necklace had been broken by Gu Yusheng. “Are you fond of her?”

He only now realized how to answer Lu Bancheng’s question. “No, it’s not affection, it’s deep love.”

Without being aware of it, he had already fallen in love with little troublemaker, as if she had been deeply engraved in his heart.

His affection for her was growing much deeper and stronger than he had imagined. The feelings he felt for her were not just affection, but unforgettable, true love.

Little troublemaker wasn’t a substitute for others, but the only one for him.

The look in her eyes made her the only love of his whole life.

He struggled to stay conscious, but after a short while, he became dizzy and sleepy again.

He had lots of things to tell her, but his brain was now too slow to react. There were only a few jumbled words coming out of his mouth. “It’s deep love, not affection.”

He had no idea how long he had repeated those words for when he vaguely felt like he was lifted up by others.

He couldn’t tell what he was panicking about, he just had a general feeling of insecurity, as if once he had been carried away, it would be a farewell to her. In his haste, he clutched her wrist, panicked.

Only when he clutched her wrist harder and harder could he feel at ease.

Gu Yusheng’s consciousness hadn’t been completely gone the whole time. He knew that he had been sent to an operating room and that someone had tried to make him let go of her wrist, but he had been unwilling to let her go until the doctors had finally allowed her to enter the emergency room with him.

Although he was too weak to open his eyes or say anything, he knew that he had been injected with something and that a group of doctors had been operating on him for a long time, poking him with various surgical instruments.

When he was on the verge of breaking down, they finally stopped, and he was sent into a quiet room. A nurse was checking his vitals and telling little troublemaker all the issues that needed special attention.

After the nurse left, the world around him became quieter.

Little troublemaker’s wrist was still being clutched tightly by him. She sat beside him, and he could tell by intuition that she was looking at him.

The medicine made him a little sleepy, but he was still unwilling to sleep, even though he couldn’t talk with her.

She might have been afraid of disturbing him, looking after him throughout the whole process carefully and silently.

Even when she occasionally adjusted the tube of the IV for him, she did so softly and gently.

She had been looking over him overnight. Maybe she was too tired, but she laid her head on his arm, which had been clutching her wrist this whole time. Her breathing was very light, and from time to time, skimmed over his exposed skin. It was soft and ticklish, tantalizing his heart.

It was so sweet, and Gu Yusheng hoped that this moment with her could last forever.

But in the end, a sound disturbed the peace and happiness between them.

It was her phone ringing with what sounded like the ringtone of a text message.

Ding! Then the room became quiet again. She didn’t move her head away from where it was laying on his arm. With a loud sound, he heard that she was typing.

He didn’t know who had sent the message, but she had read it for a long time before typing back.

After she had sent a message, about half a minute later, another ding sounded.




  1. Adeola adeniran Ahmodu27 July 2020 at 10:16

    Huhmmm,those devils are waiting for her to come and switch over.



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