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Season 5

Episode 33

(I Only Thought of One Future (3)

Another blinding lightning strike lit up the sky as his car disappeared around the curve at the entrance gate. An immediate crack of fierce thunder above her head sent the housekeeper hastily back to the door.

Only after closing the umbrella did she realize her pajamas were drenched, even though she had only been beyond the roof overhang for moments. The fog was so heavy that she could barely see anything.

It was dangerous enough for anyone to be driving on this night but, with his fever and lack of balance, the housekeeper was particularly worried that Gu Yusheng had sped off dangerously fast.

What if something happens to him?

The more the housekeeper thought about it, the more worried she became. She rushed to the landline phone before changing her clothes and called Gu Yusheng.

The phone rang endlessly, but he never picked it up.

She hung up and called again, and several more times, until she realized that Gu Yusheng was not going to answer.

Another crack of lightning and then thunder lit up the sky and rattled the windows. The rain was even heavier than before and drummed relentlessly on the bay window panes in the living room.

The housekeeper became distressed with the growing intensity of the weather. She tried calling again, but to no answer. Her thoughts moved to her next step. She wanted to call the mansion, and she dialed the first two numbers, but stopped.

Mr. Gu’s grandpa is old, and Mr. Gu will not want him to worry—about anything. If I call him, he’s not going to be able to sleep tonight. Mr. Gu will be furious with me.

The housekeeper hung up the phone and called Lu Bancheng.

After two rings, Lu Bancheng picked it up and groggily asked, “Hello?”

“Mr. Lu, it’s me, Mr. Gu’s housekeeper. I’m so sorry to call you this late.”

Lu Bancheng paused for a moment, alarmed to be receiving a call from her. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Mr. Gu sped off from the house tonight. He has a fever, and he can’t walk steadily. He’s still healing from serious injuries. And in this weather, I’m worried about him. He’s not picking up his phone. I thought about calling his grandpa but he will be so worried…”

Before the housekeeper could finish, Lu Bancheng said, “I got it. I’m leaving now to look for him.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lu.” The housekeeper relaxed, but only a little.

Gu Yusheng knew that he would not be able to find little troublemaker by randomly searching, but he didn’t know what else to do.

The wipers were not fast enough to keep the rain off the windshield. Gu Yusheng rolled down all the windows. Rain poured into the car, but he didn’t care. He drove down street after street searching for little troublemaker.

The car interior and Gu Yusheng were soon drenched. Sharp pain was shooting from the stitched wounds on his head and legs.

Gu Yusheng didn’t mind. The pain and cold rain made him alert, and his dizziness from his fever and headache were all but gone. He could search for her as long as it took to find her.





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