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Season 5

Episode 32

(I Only Thought Of One Future (2)

“So don’t think about anything now. You need to adjust your mood, so drive home with me, take a good bath, and get some rest. Don’t forget, tomorrow you have to go to the Gu Mansion to have a meal with Old Master Gu. And the day after tomorrow, you’ll join the staff of the play for rehearsal.”

“Uh-huh,” Liang Doukou replied with a smile to Zhou Jing.

Zhou Jing pointed to her car, which wasn’t far away, and said, “Then I’ll go.”

“Okay,” Liang Doukou said.

When Zhou Jing pushed the car door open, Liang Doukou called for her to stop, then Zhou Jing looked back. Liang Doukou makeup was messed up due to the tears on her face, saying in a very serious tone, “Thank you, Zhou Jing.”

Zhou Jing stopped for a while, then gave her a smile. “It’s nothing, Xiaokou.”

Then she closed the door and walked in her high heels towards her car.

Zhou Jing sat in the car and waited until Liang Doukou had driven a distance away, then slowly followed her.

It’s nothing… The reason why I would help her is that she, Liang Doukou, has not yet reached an impasse, and there’s still some hope.

If Liang Doukou was really driven into a corner, of course I wouldn’t continue to waste my energy on her!

Gu Yusheng had no idea how many calls he had made, and all the answers were the same. He couldn’t find any information about little troublemaker.

How is this possible?

There’s an echo after someone yells, and there are traces after geese fly across the sky, so how could little troublemaker, a living person, who was Liang Doukou’s substitute, disappear without a trace?

Obviously, Liang Doukou did something to prevent me from knowing the truth.

Gu Yusheng clearly felt his body temperature getting higher and higher, and he was exhausted, but after he had leaned on the sofa and considered it for a while, he still stood up, took his car keys, and went downstairs.

I have to find her.

Although I don’t know where I should go to look for her, I still need to do something.

I have a lot of things to tell her, and I can’t just watch her disappear from my world.

As soon as he got to the first floor, a flash of lightning streaked outside the window, tearing the dark night sky in half, followed by earth-shattering thunder.

The housekeeper, who had been asleep, was woken up. She ran out of the bedroom in her pajamas to check whether all the windows were closed, but she saw that Gu Yusheng was bending down and changing his shoes on the porch. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked in surprise, “Mr. Gu?”

Raising his head up and looking at her without saying a word, Gu Yusheng stood up and walked towards the door.

His steps were somewhat unstable, and he staggered before he reached out to pull the door open.

The housekeeper immediately ran over and gave Gu Yusheng a hand, which was when she noticed something wrong with his red face. His forehead was covered with sweat, and he seemed to have a fever.

The housekeeper frowned, raising her hand quickly to check Gu Yusheng’s body temperature by touching his forehead. Sure enough, his body temperature was high enough to be dangerous.

“Mr. Gu, you have a fever. How could you still go out?” The housekeeper drew her hand back in panic and supported Gu Yusheng with her hands. She intended to take him to the sofa to rest.

Gu Yusheng shook the housekeeper off and opened the door without saying a word. He went out without even taking an umbrella, in spite of the heavy rain and the strong winds outside.

The housekeeper grabbed an umbrella from the doorway and followed him in a rush.

As soon as she came down the steps, he was already sitting in the car, and he had started the engine and was making a U-turn slowly.

“Mr. Gu!” The housekeeper quickly ran to the car with the umbrella.

Without even pausing for a moment, Gu Yusheng, who was in the car, stepped on the accelerator and sped away from the villa.





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