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Season 5

Episode 31

(I Only Thought of One Future (1)

Zhou Jing said "Xiaokou" twice before realizing Xiaokou had no intention of responding to her. She sat down next to her to wait. When Liang Doukou's crying turned into sobbing, she pulled out two tissues and patted Liang Doukou's shoulder. "It's all right. Don't cry anymore."

Liang Doukou leaned on the steering wheel as she continued to sob. She did not respond to Zhou Jing.

After a minute, Zhou Jing patted her shoulder again and sighed. She lifted Liang Doukou off the wheel by her shoulders and gently wiped her tears from her face with a tissue. "Okay, don't cry anymore. Crying is not going to help you solve the problem."

Liang Doukou tried to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth. She only nodded and took the tissue from Zhou Jing's hand and wiped her face.

Zhou Jing grabbed a bottle of water and passed it to Liang Doukou.

Liang Doukou twisted the cap off and took two sips before she could talk in a hoarse voice. "Thank you."

Zhou Jing did not say anything. She took a seat and watched Liang Doukou.

After many years of working together, Liang Doukou knew Zhou Jing was waiting for her to tell her what had happened. After she had finished half of the bottle of water and calmed down a bit, she told Zhou Jing what had happened between Gu Yusheng and herself. As she was finishing the story, Liang Doukou sounded helpless. "Zhou Jing, what do you think I should do? Gu Yusheng doesn't want anything to do with me. The marriage certificate is fake."

Zhou Jing stared through the window and didn't say anything.

Her silence made Liang Doukou panic even more. "He kicked me out. He will go find my body double. If he finds her, that's it!"

"No." Zhou Jing had been quiet, but she suddenly looked at Liang Doukou, who appeared shocked and remained silent to hear her out.

"Gu Yusheng will never be able to find her. I planned everything, and the day she agreed to be your body double I ensured that all connections between you and her were eliminated. No matter how resourceful Gu Yusheng is, he will not be able to find out anything, unless you or I tell him. There is no third party who knows who this girl is."

"You planned this from the beginning?" asked Liang Doukou, who knew Zhou Jing was thorough but had underestimated her foresight and abilities.

"Yes. Don't be sad. That poor girl is gone. After she heard our conversation on the recording, she'll never return to see Gu Yusheng. And he'll not be able to find her, so they'll never meet again. The only thing different about Gu Yusheng is that girl is in his heart."

Zhou Jing lifted her hand up and rubbed Liang Doukou's shoulder to comfort her. "Don't you still have his grandpa on your side? As long as you continue to kiss up to him, you'll have a chance to reconnect with Gu Yusheng."

Hearing what Zhou Jing had made Liang Doukou feel better. "Zhou Jing, as long as I have you, I can handle anything."




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