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Season 5

Episode 30

(Give Me The Money Back! (10)

He slowly turned around, looking at Liang Doukou mockingly. “Even if she is the kind of bad girl you said she was, so what?

“I like her, not you, don’t you know?

“I admit that she’s my Mrs. Gu, but I would never admit that about you, don’t you know?

“So, the way I look at it, even if she’s that bad, you still can’t match her. What does that make you?”

Liang Doukou, who had just been indignant, turned pale when she heard these words. She opened her mouth to refute him, but she couldn’t say anything.

Gu Yusheng turned around indifferently to pick up the gift boxes on the steps and entered the villa.

Once again, the door was slammed fiercely in front of Liang Doukou. She suddenly sobered up with a deep breath, then she stamped her feet several times in place, climbed into her car angrily, stepped on the accelerator, turned the steering wheel, and left Gu Yusheng’s villa.

Because her mood was too unstable, Liang Doukou carelessly hit the guardrail when driving out of the community’s gates.

The car jerked to a halt. She leaned forward heavily and hit her forehead on the steering wheel. The pain made her want to cry again, so she laid her head on the steering wheel and burst into tears.

According to how his little troublemaker had organized his gifts in the past, Gu Yusheng put the gifts back one by one on the shelves of the master bedroom’s closet.

He looked at the gifts, suddenly in a trance, as if what had happened that day was like a dream, all of it being just his imagination. It seemed like as soon as he woke up, little troublemaker would appear at his side.

He had thrown out the gifts.

So it hadn’t been a dream…

Gu Yusheng’s eyes suddenly became a bit dim.

His injuries hadn’t yet recovered. So many things had happened on this day so far that had drained all of his energy and strength. At this point, he even felt his body temperature rising, and he knew he had a fever.

He knew that he should call Dr. Xia to come and lie in bed to have a rest in the meantime, but he couldn’t help but drag his tired body to walk slowly to the balcony. He fixed his eyes on the night outside the window and became lost in thought.

How foolish I was just now! I was so unwilling to accept the fact that she had left, so I came up with such a ridiculous idea that it was like a dream.

No matter how afraid and reluctant he was to face it, he had to recognize one fact: his little troublemaker had really gone and left him. She was no longer a substitute for Liang Doukou, no longer living in his villa…

From then on, he could no longer see her act timid when he was angry; he could no longer see her smiling eyes when she was happy; he could no longer see her cute bouncing and the adorable look she had when she claimed to be a baby…

No, how could she leave me? I am going to find her!

Thinking about it, Gu Yusheng turned back to his bedroom, took out his cell phone, and kept making calls.

Zhou Jing was just about to drive into the residential area where Gu Yusheng’s villa was located when she saw Liang Doukou’s car parked on the side of the road.

She stepped on the brakes hastily, pushed the door open, and ran over.

Liang Doukou’s car was unlocked, so she opened the door easily and sat in the passenger seat.

Liang Doukou didn’t notice that Zhou Jing had come into the car, since she was laying her head on the steering wheel and crying, her shoulders slightly trembling.




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