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Season 5

Episode 3

(A Look In Her Eyes, The Love Of His Whole Lifetime (3)

His little troublemaker came to look for him. Although his consciousness had gradually faded into darkness, he had slowly been awakened by her ensuring words.

“Even if all of you give up on him, I cannot. If I also gave up on him, he would have no one caring for him.”

“If you guys want to leave, you can, but I am not leaving. I will stay as long as it is necessary. If I cannot find him within a day, I will stay here for a day. If I cannot find him within two days, I will stay here for two days. If I can never find him, I will stay here forever. I am not going to give up on him because I told him he had me.”


Gu Yusheng suddenly felt warmth in his heart and his eyes started to feel sore.

“As long as I do not see his body, there must be a chance that he is still alive.”

“If you guys want to leave, you can leave. I have to see him either alive or dead no matter what.”

Gu Yusheng had only cried few times in all of his life, but when he heard what she had said and the many times she had called his name, he couldn’t prevent his eyes from welling up with tears.

How could such a slim and soft girl, who had always trembled when he was mad, do such things that he’d never have expected she was capable of?

Back then at his grandpa’s old mansion, he had unintentionally glanced at her, and he seemed to have been hooked since then. The image of her had always made its way back into his mind.

He had always hated that feeling, because he wanted to erase her image from his memory. He had never been nice to her, but she still pushed him away from a car to save him as it rushed at them in the evening of his grandpa’s birthday.

He was shocked, and she did many other things that surprised him later on as well.

She had taken care of him when he was drunk, hugged him to comfort him, and told him he was not unimportant. She had told him he had her.

At the cemetery, he had known she was the girl who had comforted him before.

She seemed to have had a special talent, as she could find the most vulnerable part of him, and ignite the deepest thoughts in his mind.

Just as it had been in this moment, look at what her voice had become. She could barely make any sound at all, yet she still foolishly called his name. After the searching crew had left, how could a small girl not become scared?

Gu Yusheng had his eyes closed, but his mouth opened when he had been thinking. He had thought he still had some energy left in him, and although he could not make a single sound, he kept trying. Suddenly, he had regained just enough energy to call out her name. “Little troublemaker.”

It had been very hard to speak, and it took all his remaining energy, but that silly girl didn’t even respond. Didn’t she hear it?

Gu Yusheng called her name again with the only bit of energy he still had. “Little troublemaker.”

“Gu, Gu Yusheng? Is, is it you?”

“Yes.” He swore he didn’t even have the energy left to open his eyes after he responded to her.

He had been able to hear her steps on the grass as she ran to him, and he was able to feel her stop as she got close to him. It may have been a minute, or even five minutes, as he wondered why she blankly stood there. She suddenly raced to his side, and threw herself onto him. She then held him softly by his neck and called his name again. “Gu Yusheng.”

Seeing how she had reacted and having heard her screams, his heart suddenly melted.



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