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Season 5

Episode 29

(Please Give Me the Money Back! (9)

Liang Doukou instantly felt a chill all over her body, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on her.

She was off-balance, and her face turned alternately red and pale. Her eyes became sore as she held back her tears.

After taking a deep breath, she quickly turned around to search for something on the passenger seat. She picked up her cell phone and asked with a trembling voice, “What is your bank account number?”

Gu Yusheng patted his pocket and remembered that his wallet was still in the bedroom upstairs. As he was about to tell Liang Doukou to wait for him while he got it, he thought about the bank card he had given to little troublemaker.

Little troublemaker never used that card. Since she gave the gifts to Liang Doukou, she probably gave her the card, too.

Gu Yusheng changed his mind and said, “My authorized card should be with you. You can transfer the money to that card and then give it to me.”

Liang Doukou was shaking as she bent down to search for her wallet. She found it and struggled to open it and pull out Gu Yusheng’s bank card. She clicked the bank app on her phone, carefully entered the account number, and transferred the money. She could barely see through her tears.

She bit her lip when she passed the bank card to him, avoiding eye contact, and began to cry again. “I transferred the money to you.”

Gu Yusheng reached out two fingers and took the card from her. He turned around and walked back toward the house.

Liang Doukou stood by the car and began crying again, but as she tightened her grip on her phone she became angry.

I recorded that video so he would understand. I want to be his wife, but when he said that wasn’t possible… All of that planning was in vain.

He won’t let me be his wife anymore. He’s kicked me out. He took all of the gifts from me.

Why does he love her and not me, even though we look the same? Why am I despised and kicked out?

Liang Doukou suddenly turned around. Her face was distorted in anger and determination, and her eyes pierced his back.

“Gu Yusheng! Do you know why she left you? Because I paid her money to be with you! She never even liked you. She had sex with you—portraying me—for money. And she will continue to sleep with others for money, if she hasn’t already. Do you know she would do anything for money?”

“So?” Gu Yusheng said warmly and stopped walking.

Liang Doukou was confused by his reaction and said, “She will do anything for cash…”

“So what?” Gu Yusheng interrupted.




  1. I trust my girl she would rather work hard than to sleep with men for money

  2. Adeola adeniran Ahmodu7 August 2020 at 16:14

    That doesn't work either. You have failed. Just accept defeat



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