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Season 5

Episode 28

(Please Give Me The Money Back! (8)

He had gone out, because it had occurred to him that when he had thrown her things out the window, the gifts he had given to little troublemaker had been thrown out as well.

Those gifts had been bought for his little troublemaker, so how could he possibly let her take them away?

Gu Yusheng stared at the bag, lost in thought for a moment. Then he drew his gaze back from the bag. He walked past Liang Doukou with an unchanged expression. He went to the steps in front of the house and put the gift boxes in his arms on the ground. Then he turned around and walked back over to Liang Doukou again.

“Yu—” It was the third time that Liang Doukou had called his name. This time, however, just before she said the end of his name, Gu Yusheng, who had been standing in front of her, stretched out his hand without any warning and pulled her bag off of her shoulder. Then he opened it and poured the things in it onto the driver’s seat.

Liang Doukou was quite confused by Gu Yusheng’s behavior, so she frowned a bit and looked up at Gu Yusheng. She asked, puzzled, “Yusheng, what are you doing?”

Ignoring her words, Gu Yusheng rummaged around twice in the bag in his hands to make sure that there was nothing left in it. Then he turned around, ready to leave.

Didn’t he come out of the house holding something in his arms to ask me to stay? Why did he turn back this time and only take one bag just to leave again?

Liang Doukou frowned harder. She instinctively moved her feet and followed Gu Yusheng, chasing after him for several steps.

Gu Yusheng seemed to notice that she was following him, and he stopped suddenly.

Liang Doukou also stopped in a hurry.

He kept his back to her, so she couldn’t see the look on his face, but she knew that he was holding the bag up in front of him. What is he looking at?

What is he doing by looking at the bag?

Liang Doukou quietly complained in the bottom of her heart, moving her lips, about to ask Gu Yusheng if he had agreed to allow her to stay. Gu Yusheng, standing with his back to her, suddenly turned around and threw the bag that was in his hands into her arms. Suddenly, he said, “This bag cost eighteen thousand two-hundred and thirty-eight dollars.”

Why had he told her the price?

Liang Doukou made an “oh” sound, then questioned, “Hmm?”

As he held his hand straight out to her, he asked resolutely, “Miss Liang, are you going to pay by card? By Alipay? Or by WeChat?”

“Huh?” Liang Doukou was completely confused. She blinked at Gu Yusheng with her red and swollen eyes, not understanding what he had said.

Waiting for a moment, Gu Yusheng looked at Liang Doukou and said again: “I said, that bag cost eighteen thousand two-hundred and thirty-eight dollars. Give me the money back!”

After a pause, Gu Yusheng continued, “That’s a gift I gave her. Since you used it, it’s unworthy of her now. I never thought of sending you a gift or giving you even a penny, so please give me the money back!”

Liang Doukou froze for a few seconds, and her eyes slowly fixed on the gift boxes not far away.

She later realized that all the gifts he had bought were not for her, exactly… They weren’t for her, but for the substitute.

It turned out that he had come out not because he had felt threatened and wanted her to stay, but because he wanted to get all the gifts he had given to the substitute back!

He didn’t want the bag she was carrying at this moment anymore, just because she had used it… However, even if he doesn’t want it, I won’t give the bag to the substitute for free!





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