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Season 5

Episode 26

(Please Give Me The Money Back! (6)

Over the years, Liang Doukou had always experienced Gu Yusheng’s indifference and neglect towards her.

This time, however, his indifference made her extremely nervous.

Over all these years, she had been closely following him. Though she had never received his love, she had never lost him, either.

But now, he had someone else he loved. She felt that once the door was closed, she and him would become people from two totally different worlds.

Out of fear and panic, she reached out again and grabbed the corner of Gu Yusheng’s shirt recklessly. “Yusheng, you have to believe me. I had a compelling reason to find a substitute, and it was only because I wanted to stay with you. Yusheng, at that time, I was ill, so I had to find a substitute…”

The specifics of why or how she had hired a substitute had nothing to do with him.

He didn’t want to hear it, nor was he interested in it.

He had used to care about Liang Doukou just because he thought that his little troublemaker was really Liang Doukou.

Now, he had realized that his little troublemaker wasn’t Liang Doukou. Thus, the reason Liang Doukou had just said, which should have been compelling, did nothing to change his mind.

As if he hadn’t heard Liang Doukou’s explanation, Gu Yusheng forcibly pulled the edge of his shirt out of her hands.

Liang Doukou desperately grasped the edge of his shirt, as if she could make him stay by doing this, but she still felt his shirt gradually slip away from her fingertips. She was so afraid that she forgot to shed tears and desperately threw her dignity out the window. She began to beg in earnest. “Yusheng, I’m begging you! Please don’t shut me out, please…”

However, Gu Yusheng was never moved by any of her actions or words. He fiercely pulled his shirt back and shut the door fiercely without a moment of hesitation.

“I beg of you, I beg of you! Please, Gu Yusheng…” Liang Doukou cried as she reached out and pounded on the door vigorously.

However, the door never opened, even if her hands were aching.

“Gu Yusheng, don’t forget, my grandfather saved your grandfather’s life!

“Open the door, open the door!”

Next, Liang Doukou raised her foot and began to kick at the door. “How ungrateful you are! You should feel sorry for me! You should feel sorry for the Liang family!

“I’m going to find your grandfather! I’m going to find your grandfather right now! If I have to suffer, we all have to suffer!”

As she said this, Liang Doukou brutally threw the cell phone in her hand at the door. Then, as if she had lost all her strength, she squatted down slowly, continued to paw weakly at the door, and softly said, “Gu Yusheng, what I did was really wrong. I didn’t mean to do hurt you. I shouldn’t have found a substitute. I’m begging you. Please tell me that you were only lying to me before. Tell me that I’m your wife. Gu Yusheng, open the door. Open the door, Gu Yusheng…”

Liang Doukou completely threw away any regard she’d had for her dignity, immediately wailing and crying.

When her throat had grown sore, and she had no more strength, her crying faded away into a whisper of a sob.

Meanwhile, the door in front of her was still closed.

With all of her remaining hope, Liang Doukou slapped on the door a few more times. Then she groped around for her phone on the ground with her eyes still red and swollen, then she looked for Zhou Jing’s telephone number and dialed it right away.

The call was connected, and even before Zhou Jing could say anything, Liang Doukou burst into tears again. “Zhou Jing, it’s over! Everything is over!”



  1. Dats gud 4 u liang.... How is little troublemaker now,i hope she is 5n

  2. Wow its over. We have to celebrate this

  3. I hope u find little troublemaker soon

  4. Adeola adeniran Ahmodu7 August 2020 at 10:57

    Yeah! It's over forever



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