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Season 5

Episode 25

(Please Give Me the Money Back! (5)

Liang Doukou thought her threat of refusing to divorce had worked. She looked at Gu Yusheng and was ready to negotiate with him. Gu Yusheng smirked and said, “Liang Doukou, you are not stupid enough to believe we are legally married, are you?”

Liang Doukou suddenly looked up to Gu Yusheng’s eyes and nervously asked, “What do you mean?”

Gu Yusheng could tell she was scared, but he didn’t care. He calmly looked back into her eyes and said flatly, “It’s just as you thought. I, Gu Yusheng, never married you, Liang Doukou.”

The warm, yellow light shining on him through the open door highlighted how perfect he always looked.

As he made his declaration, each time he blinked his long eyelashes enhanced his attractiveness. He was a handsome man. His voice was also always kind. Even though what he had said was cold and cruel, it was as if he sounded like her lover.

“Let me put it this way. I never wanted to marry you. And I’ve never forgiven you for asking my grandpa to interfere in my business. To protect myself from your harassment, I got two fake marriage certificates to fool you. And believe me, if someday I find her, she will be the girl I marry legally. She will not be my mistress.”

Liang Doukou’s eyes widened in shock. She stared at Gu Yusheng like this for some time before shaking her head and saying, “You’re lying to me.”

She grabbed Gu Yusheng’s hand and pleaded, “You’re lying to me, right? We are married. I am Mrs. Gu. I am Gu Yusheng’s wife.”

As she talked, her eyes filled with tears.

“Why would I lie to you?” Gu Yusheng curled his mouth down and took his hand back. He pulled a tissue from the tissue box on the shelf in the foyer and didn’t even bother to hide wiping his hand in front of Liang Doukou.

He looked at her when he was finished and took in how pale her face had become. He casually said, “Lying would mean I care about you, which I don’t, so why would I lie? If you don’t believe me, then take our marriage certificates to city hall and ask them. They’ll tell you.”

When Gu Yusheng had agreed to marry her, Liang Doukou doubted him at first, but she had been so happy that she began to forget about her concerns. When he had agreed that she should move into his house, they were all but forgotten until now.

When he told her the marriage certificates were fake, she knew he was telling the truth. The realization made the difference between feeling like she’d gone from heaven to hell.

She looked at him, shook her head, and murmured, “I don’t believe you. I do not believe you. You must be lying to me. I am your wife. I am your wife.”

Her tears streamed down her face as if pearls from a broken necklace. She repeated the same things over and over. “I am your wife. You’re just angry that I had a body double. That’s why you’re mad at me and lying to me. I am your wife. We were married. Married.”

Despite her tears, Gu Yusheng felt nothing for Liang Doukou, and he said nothing as he stepped back and lifted his hand up to close the door.





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