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Season 5

Episode 24

(Please Give Me The Money Back! (4)

“Don’t forget, we’ve already been registered as a couple with the Bureau of Civil Affairs! I, Liang Doukou, am your wife! I have the right to live here. How can you kick me out?”

How can I kick you out? Because you aren’t my little troublemaker!

Gu Yusheng stopped walking upstairs. He stood with his back to her for two seconds, but didn’t reply to her. Instead, he turned around, walked leisurely down the stairs, and went towards the door.

“I’m not leaving! I’m your wife, and I am allowed stay here! ” Liang Doukou repeated what she had said just now in a firm tone to Gu Yusheng, who was slowly approaching her.

Gu Yusheng’s expression became a little cold. As if Liang Doukou wasn’t there at all, he yelled to the housekeeper, who had been stunned by the scene in the courtyard, “Come into the house!”

The housekeeper suddenly realized what he meant and ran over at once. Before running into the house, she noticed that she still had Liang Doukou’s cell phone in her hand, so she paused, then put it into Liang Doukou’s hands clumsily and swiftly ran past Gu Yusheng to rush into the house.

Standing at the door, Gu Yusheng turned around, went to the coded lock, stretched out his hand, and quickly typed in several numbers to change the original password. Then, without looking at Liang Doukou, he went back into the house and reached out to close the door.

She had said that she wouldn’t leave, but in front of her, he had just changed the password to the house. It was clear enough that Gu Yusheng wanted to shut her out.

Liang Doukou’s chest heaved, and she stuck her hand in the crack left open by the door, preventing Gu Yusheng from closing it.

Gu Yusheng frowned a bit, closing the door with greater force.

She couldn’t withstand his force, so the door was gradually closed. When the door was about to be closed completely, Liang Doukou opened her mouth and yelled loudly, “Gu Yusheng, don’t you want to know who that woman is? If you just kick me out, you’ll never find out who she is!”

Gu Yusheng reduced the force he was using to close the door and said, “As if you would tell me who she is if I let you stay.”

“You won’t, right?” Gu Yusheng moved his lower lip slightly and gave Liang Doukou a sarcastic smile, as if he were mocking the way she had threatened him. The next second, his tone became colder and more indifferent. “Besides, even if you really told me who she is, I would still not let you stay here!

“If you really want to tell me, just send me a text. If you don’t, quickly pack up your things in the courtyard and leave as soon as possible. Don’t make me kick you out!”

Then Gu Yusheng increased his force on the door again.

Liang Doukou pulled on the door again, hard. “Gu Yusheng, let me tell you, if you close this door, you’ll never learn who she is!”

Well, since he’s treating me like this, he should never expect to be happy!

If I have to suffer, we all suffer!

“Even if one day, you find out who she is, you can’t be with her, either!

“Because I won’t sign the divorce papers. If you want to be with her, the girl you like will have to be a shameful mistress for a lifetime! Of course, if you really dare to make her a mistress, I’ll dare to make it known to everyone all over the world that she’s a homewrecker. Everyone will laugh at her and curse her!

A shameful mistress? Upon hearing her say this, Gu Yusheng actually stopped closing the door and instead, opened it a little bit.





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