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Season 5

Episode 2

(A Look In Her Eyes, The Love Of His Whole Lifetime (2)

The bones in Qin Zhi’ai’s hands were being pinched by him, which made them a little red and painful. She approached his ear and gently begged him to let her go, but he had no intention of compromising, still stubbornly holding her wrist even as his strength slowly increased.

Gu Yusheng’s consciousness was sometimes clear and sometimes confused.

He remembered vaguely that he had felt dizzy in the whirlpool, but he couldn’t remember how he had scrambled ashore.

All he remembered was that his little troublemaker had been waiting for him at Pudong Airport, and he was going to see her… But he had tried his best to walk to the highway until he had lost all of his strength and fallen onto a pile of weeds, unable to move any more.

All his clothes had gotten wet, and his spirits had been plummeting due to the blood loss in his head. At night, the temperature by the river was very low, thus he, who had never been afraid of the cold, had been trembling uncontrollably.

He had once thought that he would freeze to death, but then he had suddenly fainted, falling into total darkness.

He hadn’t known how long he had been in the dark. Many of the confusing pictures that appeared in his mind had seemed to be real sometimes and dreamy at others, but all of them had been about the little troublemaker.

Finally, the picture of his little troublemaker waiting for him at the Pudong Airport had flashed into his mind.

All of a sudden, he had come to himself from his daze. He had struggled to get out of the weeds, but his whole body had felt like it was on fire. He’d had almost no strength.

He had told his little troublemaker that he would see her later… She had already been waiting for him for a long time. He couldn’t keep her waiting like that…

The more he had thought, the more anxious he had become. Then he had struggled harder, and thus felt even more dizzy. Later, even his breathing had become somewhat laborious, and that was when he had lost consciousness again.

He had known very well that if he passed out this time, he wouldn’t necessarily have been able to wake up again.

He had held on to the last traces of his strength, keeping himself from falling into endless darkness, but the light of his vitality had still grown weaker. Just as the light had been about to extinguish, a voice suddenly came to his ears and said, “Thank you.”

Is that the voice of little troublemaker? Am I dreaming? Who’s she saying thank you to? Gu Yusheng thought vaguely and seemed to hear a whole group of people talking.

“We’ve looked dozens of miles down the river, and we haven’t seen anyone. Basically, there’s no hope.”

“That’s the most dangerous place in this river. A few people die there every year.”

“We aren’t indifferent. We’ve really tried our best to find him, but there were no results. It’s best not to go on spending so much time here.”

“Miss, I’m so sorry about this.”

His wasn’t very aware, so he could only hear a few scattered sentences, but he knew that they seemed to be looking for him, while who were they talking to?

Before Gu Yusheng could be certain, he heard the voice of his little troublemaker again. “You can go.”

It’s really her voice… Although her voice was hoarse, Gu Yusheng felt as if he had heard the most beautiful sound in the world.

“I’m not leaving. I’m going to stay here. I’m going to keep looking for him.

“He said he had something to tell me, so I have to find him.

“I have something to tell him, too. We made a promise, so I have to find him.

“He told me he would see me later. It’s only been twelve hours, which isn’t a long time. I can still wait, for 120 hours, even for 1,200 hours. I will always wait for him…”



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