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Season 5

Episode 18

(It Was Little Troublemaker, Not Liang Doukou(8)

There was no emotion on the man’s handsome and attractive face. The eyes looking at her were cold and emotionless.

It wasn’t much different from her impression of him in her memories of before she had been ill.

But the exact moment when Liang Doukou made eye contact with Gu Yusheng, her heart trembled uncontrollably, and she turned away and looked at the food in front of her.

She knew that once she had switched identities with her substitute, she would sooner or later have to face Gu Yusheng. It was only unexpected that they would meet each other without any preparation or warning.

Gu Yusheng stood at the door, yet he didn’t come in. His eyes were still cold and emotionless, staring at Liang Doukou without blinking.

The housekeeper saw that Gu Yusheng hadn’t responsed, gazing oddly at Liang Doukou and then at Gu Yusheng, before asking, “Mr. Gu?”

Gu Yusheng stared at Liang Doukou sitting in the dining chair for a moment, then moved his gaze away. Ignoring the housekeeper’s words, he stepped forward to his preferred seat as usual, then pulled out the chair and sat down.

The housekeeper quickly served Gu Yusheng a bowl of rice.

Gu Yusheng had no intention of eating at all. He looked down, leaning back on the dining chair with stiff posture. The look on his face was indifferent, making him seem like he was thinking about something.

Liang Doukou was very hungry, and she picked up her chopsticks, taking a few bites of the rice. She saw that Gu Yusheng was still indifferent, so she bit the chopsticks and stopped eating. After half a minute, she looked up at Gu Yusheng, asking, “Yusheng, why aren’t you eating?”

Yusheng? In his memory, she had never called him this except for one time. At that time, he had fallen into a coma after drowning, and she had called him “Yusheng” while she had rested her head against his neck.

Gu Yusheng’s fingertips, which were on the table, slightly bent and then clenched into fists. He had clearly heard her words, but he acted deliberately as if he hadn’t heard them, looking up at her and replying blankly, “Huh?”

Upon hearing that, Liang Doukou looked at him again. “I mean, the meal will be cold in a minute. You should eat it while it’s hot.”

Gu Yusheng kept silent and fixed his eyes straight on hers as she spoke, as if to explore something.

His eyes were dark and deep, making Liang Doukou’s heartbeat quicken inexplicably. After looking at him for half a minute, Liang Doukou looked down, smiled, and said, “Why were you discharged today? Do you feel better now?”

Gu Yusheng replied to Liang Doukou with a cold “yes,” then he turned his view away and looked out of the window.

Just like when he had come into the room, they looked at each other only for a while, but she soon turned her face away.

This time, however, he saw her much clearer than he just had.

They had the same long hair, the same eyebrows, the same chin, the same lips, and the same nose… But the look in Liang Doukou’s eyes was different.

Was he thinking this only because he had known little troublemaker was a substitute, and he was nervous that he was hallucinating?

After all, I just had a quick look at her…

Thinking about it, Gu Yusheng said, “What are you busy with these days?”

“I have two advertising endorsements.” After saying this, as if something had occurred to Liang Doukou, she turned to Gu Yusheng and added, “The day after tomorrow, we’ll begin shooting The Legacy of the Flourishing Tang Dynasty. I’ll need to stay in Hengdian for a few months.”

Gu Yusheng fixed his gaze on Liang Doukou’s eyes without saying anything.




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