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Season 5

Episode 17

(It Was Little Troublemaker, Not Liang Doukou (7)

Gu Yusheng happened to be on the third-floor balcony when little troublemaker drove into the property.

She had finally come back.

He had been waiting for her all afternoon but had not dared to call her. As the car approached the door, his hands on the marble balcony rails slowly gripped harder.

He suddenly became nervous, and a deep sense of fear slowly took over his body. He’d felt a similar fear when he woke up from his coma and couldn’t see her, but it had not been as strong back then.

The same feeling had started to return this afternoon when he noticed the suitcase in the closet had been moved. He had sensed something was terribly wrong. It had made him want to see little troublemaker so badly, but he dared not to face her.

He did not want to confirm what he had learned.

Gu Yusheng did not look away until the car fully stopped at the front door and the engine was off. He pondered the century-old tree in the yard for a moment and then turned around and walked downstairs.

Gu Yusheng walked at a steady pace, looking calm and confident. Only he knew how emotional he felt and how slowly his heart was beating.

When he got to the last flight of stairs, Gu Yusheng heard the housekeeper’s voice from the foyer. “Mrs., you’re back.”

He stopped and held his breath to hear the conversation.

Little troublemaker softly said, “Yes.”

Moments later, he heard the soft voice again. “Is dinner ready yet? I’m a little hungry.”

“Everything is ready except the soup. Mrs., go wash your hands and then eat. You can have the soup when it’s ready,” the housekeeper said.

“Okay,” little troublemaker said.

Gu Yusheng heard footsteps and then the guest bathroom door open and close as little troublemaker went to the bathroom to wash her hands.

The first floor was quiet again. Gu Yusheng remained where he was without moving.

The voice sounded no different than that of little troublemaker. This should have calmed his anxiety. It should have gotten better, but in fact it worsened. He did not dare to go downstairs.

After little troublemaker walked out of the bathroom and into the dining room, Gu Yusheng began to take a step down the stairs. Before he took it, though, he pulled his leg back. He took two deep breaths with his eyes closed before walking downstairs to the dining room.

The door was half open as Gu Yusheng reached out to enter the dining room. He stopped when he heard the housekeeper say, “Mrs., you can eat first. I’ll call Mr. Gu to come down for lunch.”

“Yusheng? He’s back?” Liang Doukou asked in surprise.

“Yes. Mr. Gu came back around noon,” the housekeeper said just as Gu Yusheng pushed the door open.

Liang Doukou turned around at that moment and met with Gu Yusheng’s eyes.





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