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Season 5

Episode 14

(It Was Little Troublemaker, Not Liang Doukou(4)

After sending her out, Liang Doukou thought of what Qin Zhi’ai had just said to her, so she typed a line of words and sent it. “Are you awake? Are you all right?”

Upon seeing this message, Gu Yusheng felt relieved from the bottom of his heart.

It seemed like when he woke up, nothing had changed, and little troublemaker was still his little troublemaker.

Gu Yusheng didn’t pay attention to the doctor who had come to give him a physical examination. He held his cell phone and typed on the screen lazily for a while, replying, “I’m fine, when will you finish your work?”

Liang Doukou let Zhou Jing take a look at the text message Gu Yusheng sent. After getting Zhou Jing’s advice, she typed a few words on the screen. “Maybe next Tuesday at the soonest.”

After sending the message successfully, Liang Doukou, with the guidance of Zhou Jing, sent another message. “You take good care of yourself. When I’m done with my work, I’ll come and see you.”

“Well, okay.” Gu Yusheng simply replied to her with two words. He had intended to put down his cell phone when the doctor reminded him, but then he thought again and sent another message. “Take care of yourself.”

After reading the text message, Liang Doukou replied with “I will,” and then added a smiling emoji.

She put down her cell phone, looked at Zhou Jing, and asked, “Do you think that poor little substitute overheard our conversation and heard us say that Gu Yusheng just took her as a fool for pleasure?”

“I think she did.” Cup in hand, Zhou Jing took a sip of her tea. “We started talking about that when she went upstairs, and when she came in, her eyes were a little red. Presumably she had been crying at our words.”

“Since she heard it, she won’t come around to pester Gu Yusheng anymore.” After recovering from her serious illness, Liang Doukou’s complexion hadn’t been particularly good, but now, she wore a slight smile, and there was a slight excitement in her eyes when she looked at Zhou Jing. ” Zhou Jing, thank you so much for this time. Thanks to your attention, you were able to secretly record the conversation between Yusheng and Bancheng.”

“Well, that’s what I had to do. Many things don’t work at one time, but who knows if they won’t work in the future?” Zhou Jing paused and moved her lips, seeming to swallow back the words on the tip of her tongue. Her face was full of anxiety. “But…”

Upon seeing Zhou Jing pause, Liang Doukou frowned and asked, “But what?”

“The video we recorded a few days ago didn’t seem to have the desired effect. We were going to get Gu Yusheng and you back to the kind of relationship you had before, so he would never find out that you had a substitute. But we didn’t know that he had an accident yesterday. Although we don’t know exactly what happened, I’m sure that the poor girl must have done something to him when he was in trouble. Otherwise, according to Gu Yusheng’s temper, why would he willingly send you messages when he heard what you had said in that video?”

Zhou Jing raised her hands and rubbed her temples, because things were beyond her expectation and control, and she felt was getting a headache. Then she continued, “God’s way is always better than man’s. Now that things have come to this, we can only continue like this. I’m afraid that Gu Yusheng will be in frequent contact with you over the next few days. You should be careful. Don’t let him know that you ever had a substitute. I’ll arrange for you to do some more shoots. If you can meet with him less, it’ll be better. Let him keep the feelings that the poor girl gave him…”

Because Gu Yusheng had

been in the army for some time, he had a strong body. When he woke up, he recovered very quickly.




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