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Season 4

Episode 95

(It Was Not Affection, But Deep Love (5)

With his fighting skills and experiences gained in the military, it was not a problem to save the two boys in the river.

It would not be too arrogant to say that it was a piece of cake for him.

However, most of the time, things happened in such a way that he did not know whether to cry or laugh at the situation.

Gu Yusheng grabbed the two boys’ arms and tried to hold them above the water. He had taken them to the shore before they were rushed to the little waterfall.

He held on to a fallen tree trunk with one hand while he carried the boys to the shore.

The two boys seemed to be really scared in the water, but their survival instinct was tremendous. They were young and did not have much strength so they struggled to climb to the shore. One boy kicked his foot back forcefully to gain momentum to get onto the shore. It was so sudden that he kicked Gu Yusheng’s neck.

It was a lot of strength from a fifteen year old boy, and the kick landed on a weak part of his body. It was so unexpected that it forced him into the river.

He fell into the water at a fast speed, but the water was not deep by the shore. His head hit a rock, and with an enormous pain, he felt dizzy. Gu Yusheng could smell something familiar, the smell of blood.

He did not have time to check how serious his injury was. He heard screaming. “Xiaozhao, Xiaozhao!”

Gu Yusheng immediately stuck his head out from the water. He saw that the boy who kicked him did not have enough strength to reach the shore and fell back into the water. The current dragged him downwards several feet.

Gu Yusheng knew it was best for him to get onto the shore because of the head injury.

However, if he got onto the shore, the boy might die.

He also knew if he went to save the boy, he may not get himself onto the shore again.

It may have been a difficult decision for others, but for him, it was his responsibility to save the boy.

Although his head injury was caused by the boy, he neither blamed him, nor hesitated to save him. He tried to swim ahead of the boy to grab his arm before he would be dragged into the waterfall. He caught him and carried him to the shore.

The had boy almost died twice and it scared him so much that he seemed to lose his soul, leaving him weak and without any remaining strength. The wound on Gu Yusheng’s head hurt very badly and his mind occasionally went blank. When he was kicked into the water, his leg got cut too. That fifteen year old boy weighed at least 100 pounds, so he had used all of his strength to bring the boy to the shore.

Before Gu Yusheng realized it, he had drifted to the edge of the waterfall. As he was about to climb to the shore, a gust of water rushed into him and pushed him further from his destination.

Seeing that boy got on the shore safely, Gu Yusheng heaved a sigh of relief under his breath. As he was climbing to the shore, he was pulled down by the waterfall and into the whirlpool.

Gu Yusheng felt dizzy as water rapidly seeped into his nose, mouth, and ears.

The water clashed onto the wound on his head, and it was so painful that he was stunned.

He struggled to swim upwards a few times, as each moment he stuck his head out, he was immediately forced back underwater. He kept fighting against the current and was choked by the rushing water countless times, growing too weak to continue trying.





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