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Season 4

Episode 93

(It Was Not Affection, But Deep Love (3)

She bumped into a few people along the way and did not stop to give them a sincere apology. She just said a simple “sorry” or “I’m so sorry” while continuing to rush forward.

There were only a few people in the waiting area for taxis. Qin Zhi’ai was so anxious that she started sweating from her forehead after only a few minutes.

When it was her turn, she nearly threw herself onto the taxi. She pulled the door open and told the taxi driver the address where she wanted to go, urging him to leave before she even took a seat in the car.

Several years later, Gu Yusheng was in an interview on TV. The reporter asked him, “Mr. Gu, have you ever done anything you regret?”

At that time, Gu Yusheng was proud and dressed in super nice clothing. Despite his confidence, when he heard the question, he was suddenly dazed as many cameras and spotlights focused on him.

Was there anything he regretted?

To be frank, he had never regretted anything. However, having heard the question, he was unexpectedly bewildered. He remembered something he actually did regret.

He did not know if it could be considered as a true regret, though. If time could be reversed and things could be changed, he believed he would make the same choice again.

It was not only because he was Gu Yusheng, who had fallen in love with little troublemaker, but also because he was a soldier, a veteran who loved this country and its people.

The only thing he regretted had happened on the day that Qin Zhi’ai visited him in Shanghai.

After he hung up the phone, he did not immediately drive to Shanghai’s Pudong Airport. Instead, he sat in the car with his hands on the steering wheel and enjoyed the bright sunlight outside the window.

Frankly speaking, he had neither expected her to call him or visit him in Shanghai.

He hadn’t been able to bear the emotional stir during the call.

He had so badly wanted to ask her who she actually was, why she wanted to be Liang Doukou’s body double, what she looked like without makeup, what her real name was, and where she lived.

He had wanted to ask many questions, but he worried that things were not as simple as he thought.

Although she had been with him for a long time, she did a good job covering herself. Every time he saw her, she looked great. Even in the evening, her makeup was still perfect.

Before he had fallen in love with her, he hadn’t paid much attention, but after, he noticed it. He of course asked her about it. She simply told him that she wanted to look perfect all the time.

Her reason sounded a little bizarre, but when he saw her playful grin, he felt bad and did not continue bothering her about it.

At this moment, he had realized that rather than being weird, she had been afraid that he would notice she was not the real Liang Doukou.

If she worked as Liang Doukou’s body double, she must be given something in return.

He had feared she would realize that he noticed she was Liang Doukou’s body double and would not dare come to Shanghai to see him for the sake of her pay.

He did not react in case she noticed something fishy.

Gu Yusheng had changed the destination on his phone’s GPS to Shanghai’s Pudong Airport. When he was about to hit the gas, his cell phone rang. It was a text from little troublemaker. “I am about to depart.”

As he stared at those five simple words, his heart melted for quite a while before he finally texted her back. “See you soon.”





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