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Season 4

Episode 87

(Your Wife Is Not Your Wife (7)

What? He had two wives?

Gu Yusheng frowned unhappily. As he was about to respond with “bullsh*t,” the eyes in the two pictures grabbed his attention.

The “bullsh*t” he had been about to say was suddenly stuck on the tip of his tongue.

The eyes in the photo at his house were the ones he was familiar with, and the same ones he had found attractive and fallen in love with.

The eyes on the picture which had been taken with Zhou Jing were the ones he found weird and not right.

If the one who was staying at his house was the little troublemaker, who was the woman with Zhou Jing?

In other words, which one was the real Liang Doukong between the two of them?

“Bro Sheng, I’m sure that the one living at your house isn’t your wife, not your real wife. The one in the other picture with your wife’s agent is your real wife.” Wu Hao realized he wasn’t making sense, so he paused for a second and continued, “Which means that the one at your house is the fake one.”

Little troublemaker wasn’t Liang Doukou?

Gu Yusheng stretched the corners of his mouth and asked out of instinct, “How do you know?”

“Jiang Yi’s little sister, Jiang Qianqian, told me. She went to your house this morning, and she said that the real Liang Doukou has a small scar behind her ear, but the one at your house didn’t have a scar. Jiang Qianqian and Liang Doukou are cousins. She must know many things that others wouldn’t know.” Wu Hao passed on the exact things that Jiang Qianqian had told him to Gu Yusheng.

He even had the same suspicion that Jiang Qianqian had. “There’s one problem though. If the one at your house is the fake one, is the one in the video I texted you a few days ago real or fake? If she was the fake one, she shouldn’t have said something like that, since Liang Doukou’s career doesn’t have much to do with her. If she was really your wife, she wouldn’t be staying at your house, so why would she take birth control pills?”

What Wu Hao had said sounded like a tongue twister. After Gu Yusheng heard it all, his head was spinning.

Others might not have been able to tell which one was which.

With the differences he had found a moment ago, Gu Yusheng was sure that the Liang Doukou in that video was not little troublemaker.

Wu Hao had said little troublemaker wasn’t the real Liang Doukou. Who was the little troublemaker, the one he had fallen in love with and wanted to marry?

He’d only had sex with little troublemaker. If it was as Wu Huao suspected, why would the real Liang Doukou take birth control pills?

No, he shouldn’t have been concerned by the reason the real Liang Doukou was taking birth control pills. He had to think about who would be affected the most from it if the real Liang Doukou took birth control pills,

Little troublemaker would be.

After this idea flashed in Gu Yusheng’s mind, he figured everything out immediately. He understood it.

Jiang Qianqian had been used as a pawn in this whole matter to pass the video to him.

Liang Doukou had used the video to turn him against little troublemaker. She had aimed to create problems between him and little troublemaker.

Liang Doukou had done it because she was afraid that he would learn little troublemaker wasn’t the real Liang Doukou and cause her to lose her identity as his wife.

With this logic, the little troublemaker hadn’t used him as a pawn or treated him like a fool.

Little troublemaker hadn’t refused to have a baby with him.

He had been so mad at her before, though.





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