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Season 4

Episode 85

(Your Wife Is Not Your Wife (5)

She had signed up for a Twitter account about two and a half years ago. Gu Yusheng browsed from the most recent post to the oldest one.

It didn’t seem like she managed her Twitter, since everything sounded very official and related to her job.

Almost every tweet had a picture of her.

Her eyes were big and black in the newer pictures. She looked the same as usual. She had the same eyes he was attracted to.

Her eyes seemed a little different in the pictures she had posted half a year ago. None of the pictures posted more than half a year ago seemed familiar or right.

Gu Yusheng picked pictures from two different time periods and saved them on the computer desktop. He looked back and forth at these two pictures.

The one pair of eyes was clear, bright, and attractive. It seemed like the person could talk with their eyes and catch others’ souls.

The other pair of eyes was beautiful, but couldn’t stand up to the other pair of eyes. These eyes didn’t look as bright or as good as the ones in the pictures posted in the past half year. However, the eyes in the pictures posted in the past half year could easily catch people’s attention.

It was so weird that the eyes in the pictures before and after half a year ago were the same, but gave off different feelings.

While Gu Yusheng tried to figure it out, there was knocking on the door.

Gu Yusheng looked at the two pictures on the computer a few more times before he got to his feet to open the door.

It was Xiaowang. Gu Yusheng turned around and went back to the computer without saying anything. He continued to stare at those two pictures.

“Master Gu, Master Xia from SY company heard you were in Shanghai. He would like to have dinner with you tonight. Do you have time for him?” Xiaowang asked after he had closed the door behind him.

Gu Yusheng hadn’t really planned to come to Shanghai, so he didn’t have a fixed itinerary. He responded to Xiaowang with an okay, but his eyes didn’t leave the computer screen.

“I’ll call Master Xia and let him know,” Xiaowang said.

Gu Yusheng didn’t respond to Xiaowang. He was fully focused on studying the pictures.

After Xiaowang hung up the phone, he said, “Master Xia suggested you have dinner at 7:00 tonight.”

Gu Yusheng agreed and zoomed in and out of the two pictures to compare them.

Xiaowang didn’t look at the computer screen, since he thought Gu Yusheng was only working. He didn’t want to interrupt his work, so he said, “Master Gu, I’ll leave if you have no more instructions.”

“Okay,” Gu Yusheng absentmindedly responded. He hadn’t heard what Xiaowang had said at all. He leaned back a bit and changed his position before he refocused on the computer screen.

The faces in the two pictures were identical, but the more Gu Yusheng looked at them, the more he felt like they were two different people.

He furrowed his brows deeply. As Xiaowang walked to the door of the suite, Gu Yusheng suddenly asked, “Xiaowang, can you come over here for a second?”

Xiaowang immediately walked back. “Yes, Master Gu.”

Gu Yusheng motioned for Xiaowang to stand closer to him. After he saw Xiaowang stick his head in front of the computer, Gu Yusheng pointed at the two pictures on the screen. “Do you see anything different?”

Weren’t they both Mrs. Liang? Xiaowang shook his head. “Nothing’s different.”

“Take a closer look,” Gu Yusheng said.

Xiaowang continued to look at them for a while, but he shook his head.

“Don’t you think that those are two different people in the pictures?” Gu Yusheng asked.

Xiaowang took an odd look at Gu Yusheng. He was suspicious that Gu Yusheng wasn’t in a good mood and was trying to play with him. He shook his head again after a while.



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