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Season 4

Episode 84

(Your Wife Is Not Your Wife (4)

Maybe she wouldn’t have had an impulse like this if she hadn’t seen the ring.

Regardless of whether the answer he gave her was yes or no, she decided to accept it calmly, because this was her last chance. If she didn’t ask him, she could only live in the regret of not knowing the answer for the rest of her life.

She knew that she could only ask him this question under the guise of Liang Doukou, and she also knew that he would be married to her, not Qin Zhi’ai. Even if his answer was yes, she still had no chance to be with him.

But it didn’t matter. She knew that he had changed because of Qin Zhi’ai, so it was enough for her that the answer would only be said to Qin Zhi’ai.

What she really wanted was to give his and her relationship its own end, as well as to find comfort for the shameless infatuation she’d had for so many years.

Qin Zhi’ai changed her clothes quickly and rushed downstairs with her car keys and wallet.

Ignoring the housekeeper’s questions, she went straight to the garage to get the car. She drove wildly out of the villa, headed for Gu Yusheng’s company.

At a hotel in Shanghai, having caught sight of something strange in Liang Doukou’s eyes, Gu Yusheng rewinded the video a few seconds without any hesitation. When he found Liang Doukou’s casual glance again in the video, he quickly took a screenshot, then clicked on it and observed it more carefully.

With further observation, his pretty brows furrowed even more.

If he had felt a bit odd just before, then by now, he was pretty sure that there was something strange in the little troublemaker’s eyes in that video.

It seemed like the third time that he had felt such a strange feeling.

The first time, in Britain, he had stumbled across her photos in the news, and he hadn’t really cared about them, because he had believed that it had been editing in post-production that had made her eyes untrue to the original. He had even complained secretly that the staff had been too unprofessional by making things up.

The second time had only been several days earlier. When he had gone to the cinema with her, he had also noticed something strange in her eyes while he was watching a close-up shot of her in the movie. From her explanation, it had been caused by her makeup and the editing, and he had agreed with that without thinking too much.

However, now, he had a video of her without editing and software beautification, so why were her eyes so different?

It was like Gu Yusheng had encountered a puzzling riddle. Staring at the phone screen, he racked his brain for a long time without finding an answer. At last, he reviewed the video from the beginning to the end. Once he saw the strange image of Liang Doukou, he immediately took a screenshot and kept it.

This video had been taken by Wu Hao in secret, so the number of times of that Liang Doukou had glanced at the camera in this video were very few.

It seemed that Wu Hao hadn’t held the phone steadily, so the camera was shaking constantly. Although the video’s resolution wasn’t bad, many scenes weren’t clear enough to use as evidence.

After watching the video repeatedly for more than an hour, Gu Yusheng had finally saved four to five photos. He took out his personal computer and synchronized the photos to it, enlarging and carefully looking at them. Meanwhile, he searched many pictures of Liang Doukou from Internet.

There were countless photographs, stills and advertisements…

After glancing over more than 1,000 pictures, Gu Yusheng finally found one that he found familiar.

Since, the photo was from Liang Doukou’s blog, Gu Yusheng entered into the blog’s homepage.



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