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Season 4

Episode 82

(Your Wife Is Not Your Wife (2)

Wu Hao stared at the photo and zoomed in on it, sliding it back and forth repeatedly for a while, then he gradually frowned.

Jiang Qianqian, her chin cupped in her hand, stared at Wu Hao without blinking and said, “On that day, when I added your WeChat, I accidentally met two Sister Kous in the mall less than five minutes apart. Because of that, I became suspicious.

“From these two photos, you can clearly see the locations of the backgrounds, one of which is Brother Sheng’s villa.The other is the Yaho Apartment building. I’ve checked out their locations, and the Yaho Apartments are located in the eastern fourth district, which is more than ten miles away from Brother Sheng’s villa, but the two pictures were taken less than three minutes apart. That obviously doesn’t make any sense.”

Wu Hao was as attractive as ever… Jiang Qianqian’s face gradually shifted to a more gentle look. Struck in a trance for a moment, she went on, saying, “In this picture of the Yaho Apartments, this woman is definitely Sister Kou’s agent. Thus, the Sister Kou with her must be the real one, while the Sister Kou who has been living in Brother Sheng’s villa is a fake. As for who’s pretending to be her, I’m not sure of that right now, but I’m sure that the fake Sister Kou had to have been hired by the real one… That is to say, the Sister Kou who Brother Sheng believes is real is not the real Mrs. Gu.”

Although Jiang Qianqian had explained it in a confusing way, Wu Hao still understood and asked, “How do you know that the Mrs. Gu who’s now living in Brother Sheng’s villa is the fake one?”

“I went to Brother Sheng’s house this morning. There’s a small scar behind the real Sister Kou’s ear, but this Sister Kou had no scar.” Jiang Qianqian went on to tell Wu Hao the whole story. Fearing that he would leave immediately, she paused for a moment, then said, “Did you watch the video I sent you? Sister Kou had said that she didn’t love Brother Sheng and that she had merely wanted the title of Mrs. Gu. From this, could it be inferred that Sister Kou did this deliberately to avoid Brother Sheng?”

After saying that, Jiang Qianqian herself became quite confused. “But that makes no sense. Thinking about it, Sister Kou assigned someone to play her, and that person now gets along well with Brother Sheng. So why would the real Sister Kou take a contraceptive? Is the Sister Kou in that video a fake?

“But if she’s a fake, she’s only a physical substitute. How could she say that in Sister Kou’s voice?”

Jiang Qianqian was completely puzzled, and she shook her head with force, saying, “Well, I’ve confused myself, and I don’t know who that Sister Kou in the video is, but I’m pretty sure that the Sister Kou living in Brother Sheng’s villa is fake—”

Before Jiang Qianqian could finish her words, Wu Hao took her cell phone and took the liberty to send both of the photos to his phone. Then he interrupted Jiang Qianqian’s chatter with, “Miss Jiang, how about this? I’ll go and see Brother Sheng, and I’ll thank you later when I have the time.”

Before Jiang Qianqian could speak again, Wu Hao called the waiter and went to the register to pay the bill, while Jiang Qianqian, who hadn’t been with Wu Hao for a long time, left angrily in a hurry.

When it was after lunchtime, Qin Zhi’ai finally returned to her bedroom, lying in bed alone to take her afternoon break, yet her brain was completely awake, preventing her from sleeping.

She pinched her arm carefully, and the slight pain convinced her that the gift box in her hand was real.


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