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Season 4

Episode 79

(A Ring In the Grass (9)

It was obvious that she had taken advantage of him, lied to him, and then done something terrible to him. How could he not give her up?

He had been rough with her and pounded into her hard. His head was filled with her words and the image of when he had caught her taking birth control pills. He had hated her so much at that time that he had thought he would kill her. He had told himself that she was nothing to him, since there were so many more women in the world. He didn't have to have her specifically.

After he had left the house, the image of her pale face and her weak body as she laid on the bed kept coming back into his head.

She hadn't cried or blamed him. She had been quiet about it, but it had still made him feel bad. This was especially true after she had mistakenly called him the night before. He had seemed to lose his soul after that call.

He had repeatedly tried to cut her out of his life. However, the more he wanted to cut her off, the more desperate he felt. A few moments ago, he had felt so desperate that he couldn't accept losing her from his life.

Thinking of this, Gu Yusheng smirked at himself as he blew out smoke rings. He had never known that he could be so attached to someone.

Gu Yusheng smoked few cigarettes before he went to bed. He fooled around on his phone and accidentally clicked on the video that Wu Hao sent him.

He had watched that video many times since he had received it two days ago, but he still wanted to watch it again.

He had been hurt by it many times, but he still felt hurt once more when he heard her words again.

When he had almost finished the video, the Liang Doukou in the video suddenly looked up and into the camera that was filming her.

Gu Yusheng suddenly frowned. The makeup on Liang Doukou's face was exactly the same as usual, but why did her eyes give off a different feeling?

After walking upstairs, Qin Zhi'ai immediately went to the study. She opened a word document on the laptop she always used and started to type out the recipes that she talked about with the housekeeper downstairs. Her chest started to feel tight after she had only typed out two recipes. When she made it to the fourth one, she couldn't take the pain anymore. She had to stop in between typing each recipe. The last recipe was quite simple, with only three steps, but it took her over ten minutes to type out.

She connected her laptop to the printer in Gu Yusheng's study. She was afraid that the housekeeper would lose the recipes, so she printed out a few extra copies, as well. She proofread it to make sure there were no mistakes before she turned off the laptop and walked downstairs with the recipes in hand.

When she'd had a fever, Beijing must have had a storm. Many blooming flowers in the backyard had been ruined by the rain.

To stop herself from thinking about being apart from Gu Yusheng, Qin Zhi'ai decided to squat among the flowers and pick up all the scattered petals. She piled them up by the lawn and separated them into two piles. One pile held the terribly broken pieces, while the other pile was buds. She planned to take them back into the house and put them in vases, regardless of their broken state.

Qin Zhi'ai had collected two big piles of flower pieces, but only around ten of them could be used in a vase. She put the rest of them in the trash bin. When she went back to the lawn to pick up the flowers and bring them back to the house, she only walked a few steps before she nearly slipped. She had stepped on something hard.





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