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Season 4

Episode 75

(A Ring In the Grass (5)

“It’s still about Bro Sheng, but it’s more serious than last time. I don’t know where to start. The Sis Kou who’s living in Bro Sheng’s house isn’t the real Sis Kou, because she has a scar behind her earlobe,” Jiang Qianqian said.

She had been thinking about this for the whole night to remember if there was a tiny scar behind Ling Doukou’s left earlobe.

She had known about that scar only because she had fought with Liang Doukou when they were little and knocked Liang Doukou down. Liang Doukou had been cut a little by a pebble behind her ear.

The woman in Gu Yusheng’s house had the same face as Liang Doukou, but there was nothing behind her ear. Instead, it was smooth and fair.

Therefore, the real Liang Doukou was with Zhou Jing, and they had arranged a fake Liang Doukou to live at Gu Yusheng’s house. If Gu Yusheng knew that he had been set up and fooled by such a lie…

Jiang Qianqian seemed to picture Liang Doukou as a dead body in her head. She was so excited that she couldn’t explain with the best logic.

“The real Sis Kou found a fake Sis Kou. There are two Sis Kous. Huh, I don’t know how to explain it to you, but I have photos to show you. To make it short, they lied to Bro Sheng.

“Wu Hao, how about this—when you see my message, can you text me back? We can find a place to sit down, and I can tell you more in detail. What do you think?”

Jiang Qianqian put her cell phone down and patted her chest. She took few long breaths to calm herself down before she drove back onto the road again.

After she had passed two traffic lights, her phone rang. She didn’t care if she had to park her car in the middle of the road. She slammed the brakes to grab the phone and check Wu Hao’s message. Wu Hao had texted back, “Yes. I’m in the suburbs now. I can’t get back to the city until three o’clock. Tell me where you want to meet, and I will meet you there.”

Wu Hao had agreed to see her?

Jiang Qianqian raised a fingers to the air in victory with her cell phone in her other hand. She immediately responded with an okay. She didn’t care about the people beeping behind her. She could only cock her head and think about a suitable café. Once she decided, she texted Wu Hao the address of that café. She didn’t put her phone down or hit the gas until she had received a text from him that agreed.

The housekeeper sent Jiang Qianqian away and went back to the living room. She saw Qin Zhi’ai in the same position on the sofa as before. Qin Zhi’ai stared outside the window, deep in thought.

“Mrs. Gu, are you hungry? Would you like breakfast? You need to take your medicine later.”

Qin Zhi’ai recovered her composure and smiled at the housekeeper, nodding at her before she stood up and walked to the dining room.

The housekeeper soon brought her a bowl of oatmeal. As Qin Zhi’ai stirred the oatmeal, she looked up to see the housekeeper busy bringing Qin Zhi’ai more food. Qin Zhi’ai asked, “Did you get back last night?”

“Yes, I came back to the city late. Mr. Gu called me to ask me to come back when I had just fallen asleep. He told me you didn’t feel good. Mrs. Gu, you have no idea. I was so scared to see you almost passed out from your fever last night that I immediately called Dr. Xia over, even though it was really late. He gave you an IV, but your fever didn’t go away until this morning.”

So Gu Yusheng had still worried about her even though he hadn’t said anything on the phone the night before.

Qin Zhi’ai bit the corners of her mouth and stared at the cold oatmeal she had stirred. After she was quiet for a while, she looked up again and asked, “Why are you suddenly calling me Mrs. Gu? Didn’t he ask you to call me Miss?”





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