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Season 4

Episode 72

(A Ring In The Grass (2)

Qin Zhi’ai made a call to the housekeeper, but the phone rang several times, and no one answered.

Probably because it’s so late, and the housekeeper’s cell phone is muted. Maybe she’s already asleep… Thinking of this, Qin Zhi’ai was about to hang up the phone, get out of bed, and find Dr. Xia’s number in the phone book downstairs. However, the call was picked up before her fingertips could touch the end call button on the screen.

Qin Zhi’ai said hello, but no one responded.

Being in so much discomfort, Qin Zhi’ai even seemed to have some difficulty speaking. She didn’t open her eyes and could only ask in a weak tone, “Are you the housekeeper?”

Still, there was no response. She frowned, forcing herself to stand up with the pain, and asked with all her strength, “Are you listening? Do you hear me? Housekeeper, I… ”

The phone was hung up before Qin Zhi’ai had finished her words, with only a series of busy tones playing over the phone.

Due to her high fever, Qin Zhi’ai’s brain was somewhat dull. She was numb for a while, and she had only realized just then that something was wrong. Qin Zhi’ai hastily opened her eyes, looked at the phone screen, and found that the phone records showed a call with Gu Yusheng.

She moved her lips, and a flash of gloom appeared in her eyes.

I sounded so weak on the phone, so he probably could tell that I was feeling sick, right? But he didn’t even give a response and directly hung up.

He’s extremely angry at me.

Qin Zhi’ai was on the brink of shedding tears when thinking of the things he had done to her that day, so she moved her gaze away from the name Gu Yusheng on screen of her phone.

It would be false to say that she had no grievances, but she knew from the bottom of her heart that it wasn’t entirely his fault.

For the sake of Liang Doukou’s career, Zhou Jing used me, but he’s not usually so angry when he comes home. Surely, he’s been trying his best to suppress his anger and tolerate me. If he hadn’t seen me taking a contraceptive, he wouldn’t have been so sulky, right?

After all, he’s been used and deceived, not to mention that he has a bad temper. Even if he had a really good temper, he wouldn’t be able to accept it.

Wiping off the tears in the corner of her eyes, Qin Zhi’ai scrambled out of the bed.

Due to the high fever, she was too weak to stand. As soon as she took a step forward on her shaking legs, she collapsed to the ground. She clung onto the carpet and tried to get up, but her brain was growing dizzier. She seemed to have struggled twice, or maybe not. Finally, she fell on the ground and passed out.

The sky outside the window was already very bright when Qin Zhi’ai woke up again. The glaring sunlight shone bright on half the room through the wide French window.

Since the light was too bright, Qin Zhi’ai couldn’t help but raise her hand to cover her eyes. Unexpectedly, she found a band-aid on the back of her hand.

She was dismayed, then tore up a small part of the band-aid and saw a tiny pinhole below. Apparently, while she had been unconscious, a doctor had come and given her an infusion of some kind.

Qin Zhi’ai woke up completely. She suddenly sat up in the bed, quickly looking at her surroundings, only to realize that last night, she had fallen unconscious on the ground, but now, she was not only lying in bed, but also had an medicinal paste on her head and a hot-water bag in her quilt that was cool now.

I was the only one home last night. Who’s been taking care of me?

I seemed to have made a call to Gu Yusheng. Did he come back?

Thinking about it, Qin Zhi’ai moved the quilt off of her. When she was about to get out of bed, the door was pushed open. Qin Zhi’ai turned her head and saw the housekeeper coming in and saying, “Mrs. Gu, you’re awake?”



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