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Season 4

Episode 67

(If You Deny, I Will Trust You (7)

When she had run to the entrance of the house, in front of the staircase, her wrist was suddenly grabbed by Gu Yusheng. She screamed out of shock. She wanted to turn around, so she bit his arm without even thinking about it.

She bit him very hard, but he didn’t look like he had felt any pain. He threw her into the nearest wall. She felt the pain in her back and let her teeth loosen on his arm. The next second, Gu Yusheng had pressed his body roughly on hers with an enraged look. He looked like he would press her through the wall if he could.

Qin Zhi’ai felt pressure from both the wall and Gu Yusheng. She couldn’t breath from it. She struggled, but couldn’t direct her force anywhere. She had to open her mouth wide open to catch any air. She could barely protest, even in a hoarse voice. “Let me go. Get away from me. Let me go.”

Gu Yusheng kept repeating “because I don’t like him,””I wish Gu Yusheng would come home less,” and “I will never bear a child of his” from the video in his head.

Gu Yusheng heard her protests, which made him think of when she had said, “If I could see him less, I would be less stressed.”

Did she not want him around her?

She kept asking him to let her go, and he felt horrible to hear it. The only rational left in him had gone. He lifted his hand up and covered her mouth. “Shut your mouth. Shut up! Don’t you know how to pretend to be someone else? Didn’t you pretend to be timid with me when you first came here? Why can’t you pretend anymore? Are you going to start telling the truth now? To get away from me?”

She wasn’t sure if Gu Yusheng was genuinely furious or not. He suddenly curled his mouth and smiled with his head cocked to the side. The next second, he loosened his hand on her mouth and moved a step back to put some distance in between them. He stared at her and smiled again. “So? As your ‘best move,’ are you giving up on me before you could capitalize on your investment? Aren’t you afraid there will be another Lin Yi? Or do you think that you have enough shows and commercials to choose from already, so I’m no use and you don’t want to deal with me?”

Best move? Lin Yi?

Qin Zhi’ai tried to catch her breath with her body bent. When she heard those words, she suddenly stopped to catch her breath and frowned. After a few seconds, she understood what he meant.

Before Qin Zhi’ai had fully formed her thoughts, Gu Yusheng had reached his hand out and pulled her to him by the shoulder. He lifted her chin up and stared into her eyes. He sounded very cold when he said, “To be honest with you, do you really think I wanted to come home and look at your face? I didn’t want to. Do you really think I wanted to have a baby with you? That was only because my grandfather asked about a grandchild. I was forced to agree to have a baby with you.”

The more Gu Yusheng talked, the more pain he felt. It was like someone was stabbing into his heart and twisting the knife there. His body shivered from the pain.

He wanted to have a baby with her, only with her, but she didn’t care.

He had thought that she would spend the rest of her life with him. What had happened? She hated him. She didn’t care about him at all. She only thought he was her best move.



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